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Any crawlers? Or walkers? We are no where near crawling. Gianni just started sitting up unsupported about a few weeks ago. And if he dives on his belly he starts to cry. We are a late crawler here compared to his brothers. Smile but that's ok with me, he is my last at least for a long time and I want to enjoy every minute of it!

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We have quite a few who are crawling and cruising and some who haven't started crawling yet. Development is so unique to each baby. It is kinda crazy!

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Niva just started army crawling. Strangely enough she is still not that great at sitting; she tends to fall backward every time she tries to grab something. It's probably because she has a giant head, lol.

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Rory has been army crawling for a few weeks and in the last week really got the coordination of "real" crawling down. He pulls up on everything and will cruise along the couch etc but he can't stand or walk w/o holding on at all yet.

Justine - my first crawled and pulled up before he sat up well! It drove me crazy. I couldn't just sit him down he'd tip over then I'd turn around and he'd army crawl over to something and pull up. So I figured he was strong enough to sit up just didn't bother with it LOL

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Q has been crawling since he was four or five months? My kids all did that sort of early. Now he crawls,cruises,sits, stands unassisted, takes a step, he does this weird hop thing when he is sitting, it is as if he forgets he cant walk, but tries to go from sitting to standing and falls over sometimes, but sometimes he hops a few steps. Lol

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Aubrey started crawling around 8 1/2 months. She isn't as daring as her brother was! Only in the past week has she learnt to pull up.

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We STILL are not crawling yet! He I'll scoot on his bottom and do a little army crawl, but we aren't close to full crawling. Which honestly, I am ok with. The day he becomes full mobile is when I will have to bust out my baby gates and all the other baby proof stuff... I should have that already done....