Crazy busy, plus pictures.

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Crazy busy, plus pictures.


(keira is sleeping so I'm taking this as an opportunity to post)
I have been trying to check up on my phone but with the new lay out it is super hard. Finding time to just pee by myself is hard so the computer has been limited. I am very thankful for my iPhone and being able to use Facebook on it. lol.

I am slowly trying to get the hang of 4 children and 2 full time who are 1 and well today 1 month. Trying to keep the house at least tidy and liveable has been a challenge and some how I have managed to catch up on past laundry and do the dishes each day..

Keira has been my most demanding child. Whenever she is awake and not hungry she is crying, but if you pick her up and walk around or bounce her/pat her back or rock her she isn't crying. So it's been a little tiring, doing things with only one arm/hand has become the way things get done.( At least I know that if I lost an arm I would be able to survive) Even then having a one year old I have to let keira cry sometimes if I am changing a diaper or dealing with kayrael for whatever reason, and vice versa. She loves to eat A LOT! Even when she doesn't need to eat she wants to eat which leads to projectile throw up, and sadly only on mommy Sad

Even though it is hard and crazy and very busy and it seems like I don't get one moment to my self, I honestly wouldn't change one thing. I love my children even when they are crying. lol.

Keira has her one month check up on the 28th so I'll know her weight by then Smile

ANyways here are some pictures of the last little while.

This is keira today

The most recent family picture with all the kids Smile

Kay and keira with Santa

Kisses from Kay Smile It happens a lot. lol

Kay loving on her sister.

last one.. Cuddles from both girls.. This happens a lot too..

Sorry so many... Hope to catch up more with you guys but keira is now awake looking for food... again..

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Hey Samantha good to hear from you!! Sounds like life has been busy. Nicholas was exactly the same the first few weeks. He just cried and cried when not eating or sleeping. He finally is getting better- I hope your baby girl gets less fussy too! I also got him a bumbo seat in hopes that it might help his tummy issues.
The girls are so cute together!! I love the family picture- you guys are awesome for being able to swing that, our latest is from when we had eight kids Sad Oy...
Thanks for posting an update!!!

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Aww the girls are gorgeous & you all look like one handsome family WTG for getting the family pic done too :). Good on you for keeping up with the laundry AND dishes, no wonder u have no time! Biggrin

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I'm sorry she's such a fussy little princess... but she sure is adorable so that makes it OK lol!

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Gorgeous pics, TFS! Have you tried changing her diet to see if something is upsetting her stomach? I have had to give up garlic cause it makes Sunniva throw up all the next day if I eat it. GL & hope things settle down a bit soon!

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so cute!
I feel the same way some days at my house.