Crazy food nesting frenzy!!!

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Crazy food nesting frenzy!!!

So I went grocery shopping after my appointment today. I found some really great deals on some meats--our store puts big coupons on meats that are close (within 3 days) of their use by/freeze by dates. I got two big roasting chickens for $3.50 off each (brought them down to about $9 each), a pot roast for $5, and this was regular price-a 7 lb pork tenderloin for $15!

So...I've got two lbs of ground beef cooked up and in the freezer-one seasoned for tacos, one for chili, the pot roast and one chicken set to go down into the chest freezer, one chicken in our homebrew kettle (its a 24 or 36 quart kettle, perfect for making a ton of stock), and the pork tenderloin is almost ready to go in the crock pot. I also got stuff to finish making the chili this weekend, and stuff to make sauce this weekend too. I plan on making double or triple batches of each of those to put in the freezer. And then today's chicken that is in the stock pot will be shredded, some for taco meat for tonight and some for chicken soup or enchiladas another night. Smile

I am getting to the point where I am going to start compulsively cleaning and folding/refolding baby clothing...

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So when's a good night for me to come over for dinner? Lol...

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Haha, Krystal!

Nice work Ann, especially on those deals!

Is it bad if I haven't done any of my baby laundry yet? I'll have it done by 37 weeks, I promise!