Crazy Hunger

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Crazy Hunger

Okay, so I'm REALLY hungry lately! Like it's crazy, true, stomach growling hunger. Yet I've gained almost 20 lbs already this pregnancy!! I hate the weight gain, but I'd be honest if I wasn't feeling the most amount of hunger I ever have in my life. Not to mention I'm exhausted at times and feel washed out. I know I started out technically underweight and my weight is healthy and given the fact that I just gave birth 10 months ago and nursed the last 10 months probably has something to do with the fact that my body is regrouping, but it's catching me off guard. Anybody else feel this? (I may also add my belly is growing a ton which isn't from bloating. I had a spray tan put on and within two days you could see extreme growth, shown through marks in a stretch mark from breaking the tan apart.) It's nuts!

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Mine is actually the opposite.I always lose weight in the summer cause I am never hungery when it is hot.And the further into summer we go the worse it gets.I will be 22 weeks tommrow and still havent gained anything.I am getting worried about my weight alot.I have never gained alot while pregnant but I have started to slowly gain by 20 weeks.I just find that I am not hungery at all.I sometimes will realize at 7 at night that I havent eaten a bite all day.I have tried keeping fruit around and grabbing it often but thats about the only thing I can stomach.

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this is so familiar Biggrin I was pretty indifferent to food until about a week ago and then I sort of went nuts. I think it is highly possible that the couple pounds I've gained this pregnancy came on RIGHT before my midwife appointment last week.

After keeping a food journal for my midwife around week 17, I basically discovered I have some under-eating tendencies - plus I'm a celiac and I just don't "do" processed foods. I just wasn't feeling like eating - so I started throwing back some pretty flavorless but high calorie foods. Mozzarella and pistachios are both high-calorie foods I'm always game to chow down on!

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I also started being HUNGRY the last week or two...and I was worried about not gaining enough for twins...the book says I should have gained between 20-30lbs by 20 weeks, when I had only gained 10. But...hunger has kicked in and my appetite is stronger and I am eating more which is having effect on my weight. I gained almost 4 lbs in less than a week.:eek: Hoping I don't now go overboard.

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I'm crazy hungry all the time, too... but I just purposefully don't buy any sweets or anything really unhealthy or I'll blow up like I did with all my other pregnancies! I was up 5lbs as of last month's appt, but this months appt I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (knock on wood). How many calories are you having in a day? If you keep it at 2000 you'll just maintain your weight... good luck!

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I am absolutely keeping it under 2000 calories a day. I watch what a eat and exercise..I wonder if it's watch retention. My weight I've noticed has been all over the place and I've been swelling, maybe because of the heat? (Although insanely hungry! lol)

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i've been very hungry too lately. i've gained about 15 lbs already and i'm only 20 weeks. i've been running and/or walking most days of the week still so you'd think i would be a little closer to maintaining a decent weight but nope. i'm eating a ton ;(

melody, you started out underweight and you're still nursing! no wonder you're hungry! when i was nursing (nursed DS for 20 months) i was constantly starving! add that to pregnancy and sheesh! girl's gotta eat Smile

i'm sure water retention is high for many of us now as it's HOT! i didn't experience this with my last as he was born in june but i'm noticing a little swelling by the end of the day, especially if i don't drink enough water! (that and the fact that all i want to do is eat salty stuff!!)

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Ohhh me too! All it takes is one commercial on TV and that jump starts the cravings.

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Ditto above! Underweight + nursing + pregnant = hungry hungry hungry! Don't worry about it so much, I'll bet your tummy will only tolerate small meals anyway. Doesn't nursing use 500 calories a day plus pregnancy use 300? Wouldn't that mean 2000 - 800 = yes for your body taking only 1200 calories per day for you, yeah that means you're gonna be dang hungry, woman! Go get yourself and those babies a sandwich!!! Biggrin

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LOL, I just don't pay any attention to how many calories I'm getting, and I don't exercise at all! I just eat when I'm hungry (and sometimes when I'm not - BAD MOMMY!)

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I have never been so hungry in my whole life!