Dang it.

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Dang it.

Just got a call from the Dr's office. I failed my 1 hour glucose test Sad I have never failed a glucose test before! I have to go and do a 2 hour test now.

Poop on a stick. DH has diabetes so he is all worried that I am going to have it now too :rolleyes: Hopefully I can pass the 2 hour!

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You make me laugh...not failing the test but your comments...poop on a stick Smile You are cute! I really hope you pass the test. If you do end up with Gestational Diabetes it seems overwhelming at first but I am finding it more and more easier to deal with. I just miss some of the treats when we are out and camping. But for the most part I eat things I enjoy and it is alot of food. Good luck!!

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Awww man! That stinks, but hopefully it's a glitch & you can pass the 2 hour. Reading any good books lately?

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At least your do-over is only 2 hours... mine was 4! They drew blood four times, twice out of each arm and that crap hurts! I swear I hate that test... and watch everything will come back totally normal, just like mine did! They're out to torture pregnant women...

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Good luck! you will pass this time Smile let us know how it goes.

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Sandra, I'm sure you'll be fine! From my totally non-scientific research (lurking on other forums) it seems that the pass rate on the 2 hour/3 hour is MUCH higher than the 1 hour. Good luck and kup!

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Hope you pass the two hour one. Was it mandatory that you take it or could you have opted out of it. I have decided to opt out of this one, I hate the taste of that stupid orange drink and I haven't had any issues with any of them in the past so my doctor said I can opt out if I want Smile

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Oh man! I always worry about failing the 1 hour! i am sorry that you failed it, I bet just by a hair too! And you will pass the 2 hour, but who wants to go through that???
I am sending you some good passing vibes!

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DH came home for lunch and pricked my finger to check my blood sugar. My numbers were fine, and I had just eaten a bunch of licorice half an hour earlier, so I'm sure I'll be fine :rolleyes:

Just have to sit through that darn test still.

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I hate those darned tests! That sugary drink is awful! I hope you pass your follow up!

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Booo but hey bring a book and try and relax kid free....right? Hope it goes easily and well!

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