Darian Joseph has arrived!!! birth story LONG

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Darian Joseph has arrived!!! birth story LONG

Well my little miracle as arrived....:)

Born Saturday November 5th @ 8:13pm
7lbs 11.6 oz 20 inches long

Well i went to the doctors on Fri the 4th for my last appointment.. She checked me and at that point i was 75% and 3 1/2cm.. so she scheduled me for a NST on Tuesday and that if things hadn't progressed or gone into labor that i would be induced on Friday the 11th...so Friday night my hubby and i decided to DTD Smile I told him after that something felt different... so fast forward a few hours I was kinda of crampy just thought its from earlier... so i head up to bed around 10pm i started to feel like i was going to pee well when i wiped (TMI) it was pinkish and mucus like...still didn't think anything about it cuz i thought i was more of my mucus plug.. so i head to bed still crampy.. well i tossed and turned and kept getting up and finding more of the pink stuff..finally around 1 am my cramps were getting worse and i had to breath though them .. so i thought ok i think these are contractions and started to time them.. at that point they were 10 mins apart... around 4am they were getting a bit more stronger...so i woke my hubby and told him and then called the docs... they told me to wait and make sure the contractions are 5 mins apart for an hour.... so i hop in the tub and try relax a bit...yeah that last about 30 mins ... i crawled back in bed and my hubby had been keeping track and of course the contractions were all over the place...5, 8 10, 13 mins it was crazy... finally at around 8am they started to come more regular.. at 4 mins apart i finally called and told them im coming in.. so we grab all the bags and head in.. once i get in the room the nurse hooks me up to the monitors and the doc comes in and takes a look and at that point i was 5cm and 90% .. so my doc tells me i bought a ticket to admission... i ask for some nubain to take the edge off ... yeah that really didn't work that well...fast forward a few hours and the contractions were getting really bad and it was getting harder to breath through them... so finally around 130ish i gave in and asked for the epi... the doc came and checked me and said oh my you are 7-8 cm and 100% and your water is all gone... so apparently the pink stuff i saw was my water breaking.. Smile so they call the doc to put the epi in and around 2pm i was happy as a clam .. i went from not being able to talk to chatty cathy .. Smile so around 7pm the doc comes in says it's time to push.. well the epi was working so well that i couldn't feel anything... but i tried and it started to work .. my hubby started to see the head... but it kept going in.. and out... finally my doc says ok we need to turn your epi down.. i started to freak a little afraid of that pain again but i knew we had to.. we had been pushing almost an hour and she was afraid i would exhaust my self so they turn it down... we waited a bit and started to push again... it was only working a bit but still not making to much progress... finally the doc said they might have to turn the epi off all together.. yeah well thats when i finally decided this is enough no way .. i put all my might and energy into it and after 3 big pushes he was here... Smile

He is abusoulty amazing... we are doing ok with the breast feeding.. but we are supplementing with formula only because he really hadn't peed in almost 24hours..i had 3 tears ..2 in and 1 out i believe they were 2nd degree ..im in a bit of pain but it's getting a bit better every day .. Smile

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He is absolutely gorgeous!!!:):) Great job!!

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Congratulations...he is beautiful!

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Fabulous! Just look at that face Biggrin Congrats and great work!

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Welcome welcome! What a handsome boy!

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Congrats! He's adorable!

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Congrats- he is soooo cute!!! We were both pushing at exact same time!

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Oh my he's absolutely perfect! Great birth story... and great job momma!!!

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So cute! Congratulations!