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Debbie downer

Im having a hard time keeping a smile on my face right now. Things come in threes and I am scared what's going to hit me next. As some of you know, things are strained between my husband and I. I've pretty much made up my mind a thousand times to leave him and then change my mind again. We just don't get along and he acts like a child. I did a little intervention last week. He never spends time with the girls and doesn't hel. He's dead weight" as my bf said. The problem is that he needs to be on antidepressants and he refuses to. Hence the intervention. Anyways all this to say that he got "laid off" again. His boss was his good friend and judging from his mood after work I know it wasn't going well, and laid off is theniceway of firing him. When I had the big talk with him last week I told him it was coming as I have predicted in the past. This is the fifth time in ten years there have been "budget cuts" so the financial burden falls on my shoulders again and I drop to 55% pay next week and I leave with the girls on vacation and I have to deal with my medical tests next week. I am all in all feeling down in the dumps. I am back on mess and I do have an appointment with a financial counsellor to figure out a way to deal with debt. I also start with a therapist when I get home so I am taking steps to improve the situation but it's hard. Thank you for listening!! Hopefully I'll be able to refinance so I can enjoy the vacation

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Sorry your relationship not improving, that would make anyone feel blue. Take it easy on yourself. Great big hugs! :bighug:

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I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I don't really have any words of wisdom other than try and take it easy on yourself. I can get pretty depressed about my financial situation a lot too, and when I feel myself seeping into that abyss I have to remind myself that there are little ones that need my love and care, and that's where I turn my focus. It helps me out a lot. I hope you enjoy your vacation though!!

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(((HUGS))) I'm so sorry you feel bad. You are doing all the right things though. I hope that your counseling is able to help you emotionally and financially! Is hubby going with you?

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Sorry to hear you're going through this! (((((HUGS)))). It is hard on a marriage when finances are tough, that I know for sure. Hope your counseling is able to help you work through things, and have a great vacation, too!

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hugs, hugs, hugs. We all appreciate hearing from you, and I'm sorry life has thrown you so many curveballs lately. I second Julie that financial stress really puts everything else under a microscope.

I hope the counseling is able to help you sort through some things. I wish you a successful refinance, a relaxing vacation and clean medical tests!