Delight, Distractions, and Denial

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Delight, Distractions, and Denial

Okay so I'm not ready to have this little guy. Nothing about me feels ready right now cept my body and my mind is stronger than my we have time in my book. I know ya'll are going to think this is nuts, but I am delighted to say, I'm picking up my puppy on Saturday! I've been in the hunt for a puppy for awhile now due to dd being allergic to cats and my older kids being heartbroken abou their cat having to relocate to a family members house. The breeder contacted me and my dates were totally off...the day I thought they were being born..they are actually ready to come home! Here's the kicker, dh rescued a chi puppy (1.5 lbs of cuteness) almost a week ago adn I'm thrilled. She wakes up at 3 a.m. to go out, but we have something incommon, I wake up then and every hour to pee anyway! LOL. I dont' sleep much these days. (We dont' have a ton of pets due to dd's allergies, it'll be just the two puppies. (We used to have two cats but had to find them new homes.)

Dh has been awesome, we've worked a lot together on nesting, cleaning carpets, and the house is in pretty good shape. I've still have a lot to do, everyday infact is crazy packed but I love the distractions. Yeah I'm totally in denial about how fast this is all happening but I don't mind. Smile Life is filled with joy and we are's a great time for us.

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Well I'm the last person to think the puppy thing is nuts. I have 9 dogs in the house right now our 8 and then 1 six month old foster dog. I'm hoping the foster is placed pre-baby but whatever if he's not he's not. I also offered to take 2 more fosters at some point, so we'll see what happens with them. My house is a canine revolving door. I find dogs pretty easy overall and don't really get the whole I had a baby and have no time for my dog thing but hey to each their own! Smile

We are going to get the room done this weekend. I want the room done by the time I hit full term and so we have 2 weeks!

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what kind of puppy?
I find that dogs are far easier than kids, the only problem I have now is that my DD will no longer walk with me or go in the stroller without having a fit and my poor border collie has to wait until after my DD'Sbed time for a walk lately since my SO will not walk him either:(.

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Aww a puppy!!!! How fun! I hope to get another dog when we move...if we have a good enough yard. I refuse to buy a house without a good yard.

I hope that you can get the denial phase gone...I have been in that for a couple of weeks, but am feeling like I NEED to do something more this week...

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I am slowly working through my denial, at 38 weeks +1 day today, lol. So happy for you with the new puppy! Wish I had your moxy Smile Glad you are totally embracing and enjoying this time

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I don;t think you are nuts. Pets are good for kids, IMHO! And it will give the kids something to do while you take care of LO!

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This subject makes me sad. I bought a yorkie in February of last year, and paid more thank my mortgage for her... and now I wish I hadn't. It's not her fault, it's just that with a high maintenance dog like that, I can't give her the time and attention that she needs. She needs to be groomed every day, and with working full time, three kids, and now being pregnant, I just can't take care of her anymore. I feel so bad, as she's really a sweetheart. I want to sell her, but I don't want to let her go for less than half of what I paid for her... but it's still quite a lot of money, and when I look, people only charge "re-homing fees" which are around $200-$300. I just don't know what to do. I know DD would be heartbroken if I gave her away, but it's just not fair to the dog, and it will only get worse when the baby comes.

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I can't at all understand the idea of getting rid of a dog since owning one requires a lifetime commitment. Would a short shave and some clippers at home cut down on the daily grooming needs?

If you do need to find another home for her, you'll have to give up on the idea of getting any return for your money. First off, the money can't be the top priority when finding an appropriate home needs to be. Also, have you ever been to a shelter? They're chock full of cute, young, purebred (and every other type of) dogs.

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If you want to send some of the fast-pacedness this direction, I'd welcome it! LOL.

I'm glad you and DH are working as a great unit!