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After a *lot* of Google searches and reading reviews I have finally chosen a diaperbag! It is from The Bumble Collection, is highly rated, and (even better) is on sale! Yahoo


Retail $77.99
Sale $45.99

I ordered directly from their website. I've seen this bag featured on other sites for $120 (ugh!). Right now they have many of their products in certain prints on a summer sale. This includes shopping cart covers for $32.99 (retail $62.99) in select prints. If any of your are babysteals.com addicts like I am, the steal yesterday was the discontinued Natalie tote with matching paci case for around $65. I thought that the Natalie might be too big for my use and wasn't interested in the paci case so I went to their website and found a slightly smaller bag for less $$$!

PS- BS still has some Natalie/paci case that didn't sell out. They will hit archives tomorrow I think.

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Pretty!!!!!! I was just looking at the Bumble Collection yesterday! I myself am pining after a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag......someday soon I will save enough money to justify it!

I love the one you picked. Good deal too!

I've been through many diaper bags! I have had a bunch of different sizes and styles of Graco ones. This time I really want this PPB one: http://www.petunia.com/collections/original/sashaysatchel/blissfulbuttercup/

DH will probably kill me when he realizes I want a new one! Maybe I will get by with an old one until Christmas and then treat myself!

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I have a skip hop studio tote and love it!!! I ordered it for my christmas present last year. I got the Charcoal Dot one, because I wanted something that wasn't black, and wasn't silver, and not a solid pattern.

I absolutely LOVE the bag. Its got tons of pockets inside and out, and my keys should never get lost in it, but they do because I just toss them in, rather than finding a spot for them. I can hold a TON of crap in there too.

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Sandra and Anne I love both of the bags you've picked out! Babysteals has a PPB bag in their archives for about $64 right now. It is a filagree (sp?) type print. Sandra you could always buy the PPB bag and say you got it as a shower or Christmas gift. Wink Anne I do love all the pockets that your bag has. It doesn't even look like a diaperbag. I looked at PPB bags and thought they were super nice but I didn't really find a print I was drawn to. When BS had a Bumble on last night I started really looking into their bags and fell in love with their Starry Sky print.

I saw a Bumble messenger bag today at a maternity shop and it was $132 :eek::eek::eek:
Holy moly! I was able to examine the bag's material and craftsman ship and that made me even more excited that I bought mine for $46! I just love a good deal.

It is kinda funny now that diaperbag couture has replaced handbags. Biggrin

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I totally want a new diaper bag and I want to splurge on something indulgent but then I sometimes think maybe I should just buy a big bag for myself and double it as a diaper bag.....decisions decisions

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GEEZ, this post made me go "oh goodness, I'm going to need a diaper bag." :eek: I'm so on top of things! Fortunately, my sister was in the room and said she has one for me.

I do like your choice, Jenni!

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Those are great bags!!! I really need to start looking for one. Last time I had a backpack style and loved it...plus DH would have no problem carrying it. I really need to start shopping online...there are great deals that you can not get in stores.

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That's really cute! I'm either just going to use my son's baby bag (it's a Burberry, and for what I paid for it I should have four more kids just to get more use out of it lol!)... but if I have the extra cash I really want a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag... they're so cute!


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Sweet deal! A cute bag too. I am in a need of a new Diaper bag, but i usually go cheap. i might splurge though!

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I will be reusing DS's diaper bag by the looks of things, unless I get one as a present. I do have to get DS an overnight bag as I have been using the diaper bag as one. I am getting jealous about all the cute designs available across in the states and canada, we have a pretty bland selection here, and if I do see something I like it's generally way over our budget Sad

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Sandra... we think alike lol!

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I for one HATE diaper bags.I hate that I have to carry them and I hate that they are so darn exspensive.I dont carry a purse or handbag or anything like that. I keep my id and credit cards in my pocket or my glovebox lol. But I always get small bag to carry.A friend of mine works for thirty-one gifts and is getting me a bag from them.It is like $25 and even that is too much for me to spend.
She is getting me the go baby go bag.

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cute bag Smile

we have the columbia backpack style diaper bag which i absolutely love. i prefer the backpack styles because when you're bending down to lift the baby or get him out of the car seat or any of that stuff, the backpack stays on your back. i actually got two vera bradley diaper bags at my baby shower (don't tell aunt fran i sold hers on ebay Wink ) and i loved them but they weren't practical for me.

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My bag arrived and I love it. It came with a extra zipper pouch, a changing mat, and a paci pod. Its nice and roomy and has tons of pockets. Now I just hope babysteals has The Bumble Collection shopping cart covers on soon!