did she really just say that to me??

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did she really just say that to me??

this weekend DH and i left the little guy at home with a friend of mine and went to DC for a friend's wedding. the weekend was really fun! the wedding kind of sucked though -there was hardly any food! WTF?? i had planned on enjoying a nice glass of wine with my meal but considering all that was served was veggies with dip, fruit slices, cold cuts on a stick and cheese and crackers, i decided to forget the wine as my stomach just wasn't full enough!

my one friend works at the white house and got us a special private tour. it was really cool and she took us to alot of the places that normal folks don't get to see. we were supposed to go to the oval office but were stuck outside the office's door since the president was in an emergency meeting. i guess now we know what the meeting was about!!

at the wedding i finally spilled to my friends that i'm pregnant. they were all really happy and excited. my one friend's wife says, "i knew it! i thought you were gaining weight!" WHAAAAATTT???? first off, this gal is not exactly thin. secondly, i weigh the same right now as i did at my wedding. she hasn't seen me at this weight in a long time! i weigh 135! i worked hard to get down to this weight! last time she saw me i was probably 150 (i had just had a baby).

talk about a rude comment. how does one react to that!?!

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As Stephanie Tanner would say (Full House throwback) HOW RUDE!!!!

Your friend is crazy. What is it with pregnancy that people think they have free reign to say whatever they want to your face?

Glad to see you enjoyed your baby free weekend Smile

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Wow. I'm really, really sorry - SO insensitive! My Mother in law kind of did the same thing to me a few days ago even though I've gained less than a pound. I wish I'd said something along the lines of "haha, I actually haven't gained anything, but I'm glad to hear I have the pregnant glow!"

Sorry again for your friend's rudeness Sad

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you guys - i am NOT allowed to type any more posts unless i am fully paying attention.

i started three of the four paragraphs of my first post with the word "anyway". i'm sorry, i need to change that. it's driving me insane. i swear i'm smarter than that...well, at least just a little Wink

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OMG- she thought you were gaining weight? What, is she your scale? What a piece of work!

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LOL Well a friend recently did tell me she was pregnant and I had a similar response to her I hope she's not out in cyberland hating on me. Really the minute I saw her her body looked different. She's a freaking bean pole so I wasn't calling her fat. But there was something different and pregnancy crossed my mind the instant I saw her and when she said I just blurted it out. So go easy on your friend LOL

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First of all, thats pretty cool that you were at the White House during a time that will go down in our history.

And second, about your friend's wife...I would have said, "Wow how nice of you to notice. Isn't it wonderful that I'm not even wearing maternity clothes yet!? I hope you are that lucky." OR "I don't know how to respond to that...no one's ever said that to me before." (However, I'm pretty hormonal and when people say inappropriate things to me I put them in their place really fast.:cool:)

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Cool your got the see the White House during a historical type moment!

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I agree - very cool you were at the White House!! I had the same thing happen to me when I was 11ish weeks. I was at a board meeting and only one lady knew I was PG. I mentioned that my tummy was pooching out a bit so I was keeping my jacket closed so no one noticed and she said that she could totally tell the minute she saw me as my face is bigger!! hmmmm I did not say face I said tummy. And I had only gained one pound - I am sure my face looked the same. Oh well - I am sure that we will all hear things over the next couple of months.