Dinner and movement

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Dinner and movement

I'm making beef broc. for dinner yummmmmm and LO wont stop moving!!!!! has anyone seen the movie space balls? the scene where the alien comes out of the guy tummy yeah thats how I feel lol I don't think ill have to worry about a 10 cm whole he will just kick his way out of my tummy Wink :wootjump:

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Yep my LO is the same way. (Sigh)

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We are growing future Olympic gymnasts or something......

This kid is NUTS.

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I agree. When this LO gets going I am in awe of how much she moves..there really can't be enough room in there for all this movement. I keep trying to catch my tummy on video tape but she keeps tricking me...hopefully I will get it.

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Lol too funny! Trystan is the same way! I swear he can smell the food that I'm making through my tummy! This morning while I was making my peanut butter toast, it's like he couldn't wait for me to start eating it lol!