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DITL Sign Up

Sorry for the delay ladies Smile

If you are interested in posting a DITL of your babe, please pick one of the weeks listed below and pick which one you would like to do! You'll have a whole week in which to post - that way if your plans to take photos go awry you'll still have time, cause I know how busy life is! Also this way we'll have them nice and spread out so everyone doesn't post theirs at the same time.

January 29 - February 4: lil96
February 5 - February 11: Jenni Beth
February 12 - February 18: Nikerz20
February 19 - February 25: sandraleigh
February 26 - March 3: brady_bunch_plus_one
March 4 - March 10: SamanthaX3
March 11 - March 17:
March 18 - March 24: sweetsriracha
March 25 - March 31:

I'll update the slots as they are chosen.

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I'll take March 18-24! If sign-ups are thin,I could be moved earlier (but I'd rather not be the first). Thanks for setting this up, Sandra!

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I'll take Feb 5-11

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I will try to take the first and get it over with Smile I worry if I wait longer, I will forget.

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I'll take Feb 12-18th Smile

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I will take the week of the 26th.Hopefully I will remember lol.

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Remind me again of what this is?

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A DITL is a photo journal of your little one's day! (Day in the life)

Take pictures of all the things your babe does during the day and post them so we can have a peek!

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I'll take march 4th to the 10th

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I'd love to do this, but I feel like I wouldn't have time Sad

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Bump, because I didn't realise it was my week, lol.

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I missed my week too. I knew it was my week I just kept putting it off until it was too late! I hope to do one soon.