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Waking up nice and early

First nappy change of many

My big bro is still asleep

I play on the mat while mummy makes her coffee


I get down to business while mum organises my clothes for the day

Ready to roll

In the car off to the library

Smile! I watch while my big brother joins in with the big kids

It's been a long morning and I was plumtuckered out.

I'm awake!

Lunch and back asleep

Back writing up my report for boardmeeting while mum makes a coffee

We go outside to play, mum enjoys her coffee.

I got mail! It's a new dress!

Another nappy change

Having a board meeting with Emily, and how I feel when mum interrupts me


Hanging with and big brother while mum makes their dinner

Bathtime, my big brother is T-R-O-U-B-L-E

All Clean



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Love it!!! So adorable!

The dress is so cute! love the color.

Kay also has that same emily doll Smile

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Awwww so cute! TFS

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Beautiful! TFS!

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What a doll! Look how strong she is!

I always "forget" to do tummy time with Em.

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Love this! Smile

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so adorable!

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love it!! so cute!

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How adorable!!!! I never thought of using the bumbo in the tub. Jack's so wild though, I am scared of what double bathtime would be like at this time