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Diva Cup

Yes, another AF thread, lol! Does anyone use Diva Cup? I am very seriously considering buying one. You can leave them in for up to 12 hours and they aren't suppose to leak. I would love to stop buying tampons! Speaking of that...I've heard first pp af is pretty heavy and crampy so is it a bad idea to use tampons for this? I'm still a little nervous about anything going back in my body! Lurkers please chime in!

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I didn't get my first PP AF until 7-8 mo PP -- nursing delayed mine big time. I did use a tampon then but I had been way healed by that point. And it wasn't all that heavy it was weird and spotty b/c I was still nursing a lot. I don't think I could have used one at 1 month PP and I didn't have as much tearing as you did!

I'm curious on the diva cup too.....I can and do use tampons but after having a baby it was never as totally comfortable as it was before. Not really painful I just notice it more or something. I REALLY hate pads.

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i only know one person who has used the diva cup and she wasn't crazy about it. it's probably worth a try but maybe not for that first PP AF. i didn't have an AF until my son was over a year old (i have PCOS and was nursing) and used tampons for that. if i was at all sore i wouldn't put anything up there!

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I've never met anyone who uses it, at least that I know of. I have actually started makin the transition to cloth pads...I've gotten extremely sensitive to synthetic products down there-to the point of rashes. I had to stop using the post partum pads once I got home from the hospital. I hate tampons, probably because my flow usually isn't that bad with a regular af.
I havent really told dh about that transition, he's still a little iffy on cloth diapers.

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I used something similar, the ladycup. I only used it for one cycle. So I don't have much experience and well that cycle was more than a year ago Smile so I don't remember much.
Things I remember, at first there is this weird "suctiony" type feeling when it goes in, but I got used to it after a while. The lady cup comes in two sizes one for people who have given birth and ones who haven't. Since I had had 2 children at that time I ordered the big one. It was too big, but not horrible. I contacted the company and they sent me a new smaller one. I only had that for one day of my cycle. It is a bit awkward sticking it in. You have to fold it just right, stick it in the right distance and then tug to make sure it is in properly/has a good seal. Then to get it out you have to break the seal, which is sort of icky, sticking yyour fingers up in there on af. But I am sure those things get better with experience.
I did strangely prefer it to using tampons, even though I can't stand having my fingers down there during af. my fingers never got dirty or anything, just the thought creeps me out.
If I were you, I wouldn't use it on this ppaf, because you aren't even 6 wks pp. I think wait until your 2nd or third af, just to give things a chance to heal.

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I have used the instead cups before and find them to be nice when you need longer between changing tampons. I hate pads and generally refuse to use them. I only use instead when we are on outings where I am not able to get to the bathroom as often. Taking them out can be messy. I however am not one to usually worry about that kind of stuff I take it in stride figuring you wash your hands anyways and it isnt acid so its all good lol. I would suggest trying the instead cups first since they are very similar.

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I use it! Well, obviously not RIGHT now b/c I'm pregnant Smile I was definitely skeptical, but it really is awesome. I wore it during nursing school clinicals when I had to go HOURS without changing it and it never leaked and was super easy to get used to! I definitely recomend it! I will use it again once this little guy is born and AF starts back up Smile

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Thanks for the article! I am going to order one for my next cycle.

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I've never even heard of a diva cup so I can't chime in on that (other than it sounds a little gross and weird to me lol), but I just used tampons when AF came back (but again, it usually doesn't come for a while if you're BF). If you're concerned about puting anything into your body since you had tears and things, just use pads until you feel comfortable enough to go back to tampons. I think once you get past about 8 weeks you should feel back to normal down there.