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Anyone else have dizziness? Over the last week I have had several bouts of it. Usually once a day. A few times I have near fainted. It has been at all times during the day. I did not have this last pregnancy. Do you guys think I should call my OB? My next appt is not until 6/3. Thanks!

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I have had a bit too. During a long choir rehearsal for a symphony concert I nearly keeled over (standing for long periods of time, taking enormous breaths and singing my lungs out).

I'm confident that dizziness during pregnancy is normal. If you do feel like you are going to faint again, LIE DOWN on your left side, or sit with your head between your knees. That will increase blood flow to your brain and help relieve the dizzy feeling.

I'd mention it to your doc next time you see her, but don't worry about it too much, unless it is really extreme.

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I have had a few bouts of this the last week.I was backing out of the driveway and felt like the car was moving and I KNEW my foot was on the brake.I slammed the car in park and had to sit there for a few to get myself together. I had dizziness in my other pregnancys too.Even passed out with the oldest.Just be cautious and mention it to your dr at your next appt.

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I do not have it. Hope it goes away soon. If it persists I might call the doc just to make sure

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I'd mention it to your doctor ASAP. It could be your blood pressure.

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I have had the dizziness since week 12.. and according to my phone apps from what to expect when your expecting.. dizziness is common it's from all the increased blow flow.. most women find it happens if you go from sitting to standing or if you bend over to fast.. if it gets really bad or you faint i would defiantly call your doc... but i totally know you feel..

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I talked to one of my docs yesterday. She said it is normal at this time in pregnancy. I never had it with my son. She said with me working full time, having a toddler and being pregnant, I am just worn down and more prone to it. She said she gets several calls a week from Moms preg with 1 or more children! She said I need to make sure I am hydrated and eating enough. She said if I have any changes with the dizziness like vomiting or fever then call back ASAP.

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good deal, Robin - glad you are okay and hope you can set aside some time for R & R. I am also experiencing this -- I think its more related to my low blood pressure, though. I often forget until I jump up from the couch, ugh!

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Just started noticing a little dizziness this past week, but I had it a lot with my first. Glad you got the all clear from the doc.