Do males nest?

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Do males nest?

Just curious as to whether males nest before baby arrives?

SO has been tidying up 'his' garage and has now moved onto our bedroom and is rearranging some of his things.

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It certainly seems possible.

I've been making fun of SO non-stop for a few days based on the information in this article:

the gist is that men get hormonal when their women are pregnant, with a peak in estrogen 3 weeks pre-baby. Theories as to why this is include pheremones.

But in the meantime, wanna trade? Blum 3

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Oooh I like your theory! Whatever it is, long may it continue Smile

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My hubby certainly does.

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Ha not mine but really he's not the organizer in the family. He's a bit of a pack rat and i come behind him and throw things away and wait for him to notice (or more likely NOT notice haha)

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I haven't noticed... but now I'm gonna pay attention over the next couple of weeks!