Which do you prefer?

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Which do you prefer?

Maya or Audrey?? Not sure if dh will like them but those are today's picks!!

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Oooh, I like both!

Myself, I'd probably use Audrey rather than Maya, but I do like Maya a lot too! Just not my own style.

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Wow! Dh likes both of them... Are there pugs flying over Canada tonight???

Audrey is definitely more traditional, Maya is gentler.. Hmmm....

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I am so happy that DH likes them too. For me I would choose Maya..I love them both but this sounds weird I like to have names that I like to write the first letter and I like M more then A. They both have a nice sound to them though. Let us know what you decide

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I like [COLOR=Magenta]Maya[/COLOR] the best! soooo pretty and I agree I like to write "m" more than "a" Smile

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They are both very pretty names, I am leaning towards Audrey more - although i am biased as it is so similar to Aubrey Smile

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audrey - a really classy and pretty name. that's my vote Smile

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Audrey is my vote!!! I love that name.

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I love both names. I have loads of students (~age 15) named Maya but no Audreys if that makes a difference...

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I personally vote Audrey, because of how cute it sounds with Melodie! I think both names are a little more traditional, feminine and sweet, while Maya has more of an exotic connotation to me.

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I'm leaning towards Audrey Smile I'm sure we won't decide until she's born though!

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I like them both, but I think I like Maya a little more!

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Maya!!! Smile