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docs appointment

well we had an ultra sound to check the growth of the little one.. since i had my weight loss surgery they wanted to make sure that he is getting everything he needs.. Smile

so they said He is currently 5lbs 9oz. Strong 140bpm, 48th percentile and once again the words "he's perfect" where spoken! Approx 39 days to go!

im getting a bit scared.. and nervous.. not so much that he will be here .. it's how he is getting here Smile the labor and birth .. :puke2: that is what is making me freak out a bit

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Congrats on a great appt and for seeing LO again! Don't worry about L&D, you'll do great! It's really not as bad as it seems (and even if it is, you forget after a couple of days lol!)! I'm jealous you got another U/S... I won't have anymore unless they feel that there's a problem.

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Congrats on a great checkup ultrasound! Does it look like there is much room in there anymore?

I was also wondering and scared about how the watermelon was supposed to fit through the garden hose, back about 6 years ago. I couldn't even bring myself to read Jenni McCarthy's birthstory from her book - until about 3 weeks before my due date, lol. I think at that point I started reading other people's birthstories and it did make me feel more prepared. I am normally such a controlfreak (oh but also a tremendous procrastinator), I just found the whole thing so intimidating. Anyway I had an awesome Doctor and just put my faith in her and the staff, after studying up little by little decided that the worst case scenario wasn't going to be all that bad anyway :). You're going to do fine!

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Aww, I'm so happy he is perfect Smile

Sorry I don't have any wise BTDT advice - L&D will be over before we know it, though!

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If the l & d freaks you out stop reading about it! It is seriously not that bad. I remember pushing out Melodie and thinking, it's over? Your body knows what to do and you are not pushing out a watermelon! It's more like a long loaf of bread that is soft enough to mould itself to be able to get out.

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"Summer05" wrote:

Congrats on a great checkup ultrasound! Does it look like there is much room in there anymore?

Yeah she said the fluid looked good and he was taking up all the room he needed Smile

And thanks ladies you really do know how to make a girl feel better Smile

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I was scared for a while but after my birth class I feel much better Smile Glad that LO is doing great. 49th percentile.. my last u/s lo was in the 70th percentile ugh... lol

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I am glad that all looks well with you and LO. Before I knew that I had to get an c-section the thought of giving birth scared me but then I thought millions of women do it daily...and then go back and do it again so it can t be that bad. Hope some BTDT moms can help you more. Good will do awesome