Doctor/office issues....

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Doctor/office issues....

So my doc's office called yesterday to reschedule my Friday appointment. They wanted Wed but I have a bunch to do at work so I said it didn't fit for me. Any earlier seemed silly since I was just there Thurs. So I asked what was up. I knew my doc was on vacation from the 17-29th and probably wouldn't deliver me. I accepted it, life goes on, the 2 docs that cover are fine and reality is if you go on an off weekend one of those docs will deliver you anyway. But my appointments would continue on at my doc's office with the nurse practitioner there who I love. She's wonderful. Well she was in a terrible car accident yesterday. So she can't see me and the office in all honesty isn't sure what to do. They have to call me back today after taking time yesterday to try and sort out the patients who are close to going (like me). I suggested perhaps going to the other OB in town who will likely be the one covering and delivering my anyway so I have to call them back today and see if that's what they want me to do. I have to say normally something like this might really upset me but the reality of the nurse being in ICU for a terrible car accident is good perspective. I might have to change offices and adjust to some new care but I'm healthy and in one piece and the baby will arrive and both docs in town have fine reputations and histories and I'll be fine in their care. I'd just like to know who I need to see and when. Of course the other option would be for him to arrive tonight/tomorrow and avoid all the confusion for everyone!! A girl can dream.....

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Oh man, what a terrible scenario! I'm sure it will all work out either way, but it's sad that this is all happening so close to your due date!

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That's goofy. I hope the nurse is okay. Being in limbo sucks! Hope it gets sorted quick

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I'm sorry about all of the issues with your doc... I hope everything ends up OK!!