Dr appt, I'm broke, and Nesting

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Dr appt, I'm broke, and Nesting

I had a Dr appt today. Bp was good, weight gain for this pregnancy 13#, Carter's heart beat sounded great, and he's measuring about 4 days ahead. My guess for his arrival is October 31.

My check brake alert came on two days ago and this was the first day I could get them looked at. Well the guy told me both front and back axle brakes needed replacing. So that came to $600! I almost died on the spot. I told him to fix which ever one was worse and I'd have to come back to get the other fixed next month, provided that it was safe. So they fixed the front and he said it was ok to come back in 30 days for the back ones...no safety concerns yet. He did give me a 'pregnant lady' discount of $70 which was nice. But now I'm totally broke until pay day. Oh I also made my last payment to my ob today too. Today was pay day and I have $160 to my name for the next two weeks. I've been really down about it today. It seems like when I get a little bit ahead something always happens! Sad I just want to cry!!!

I distracted myself today by working in the baby's room. I did 5 loads of baby laundry, put away shower gifts, put together the swing, wrote thank you notes, shampooed the carpet in the nursery, and started packing my hospital bag.

So that was my day. I'm praying that God will find a way to give me some financial relief. It's really depressing, especially with my unpaid maternity leave rapidly approaching.

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Sounds like a good doctor's appointment, but man, that stinks about your brakes. UGH. Cars can be the worst sometime!!! At least he gave you a little discount. Is Matt handy at all? My DH got mad when the dealer quoted him almost $1000 for new brakes once, so he got the Chilton's manual and the parts from Advance Auto parts (maybe $100 for all) and replaced his front brakes himself in our driveway. They lasted two years!!

I am glad you're getting stuff set up for Carter-that's always so exciting!!!! I have been going through stuff in our attic and getting the newborn stuff closer to the door. That's the extent of my nesting. I can't do anything till we find a crib. Rather, I refuse to do anything more till we find a crib.

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Jen, I am so sorry that you had car problems! Those are the worst, b/c after emptying your bank account, it's not like you can say: " Geez, I really am enjoying my new breaks!" Other than the peace of mind... We had to do tires and breaks this spring and it sucked....
Also having very little cash on hand is depressing, I hate penny pinching... not fun at all. I hope you can distract yourself enough with getting things ready for Carter!

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ugh, sorry about your car troubles. Robs car broke down on christmas eve last year, something to do with the clutch. But it was out of commission for a month and cost over 900 dollars to fix and that was even with his dad doing all the work(he used to be a mechanic) I couldn't imagine having to go to an actual mechanic and how much it would have cost. Sad

Hope you get some financial relief soon.

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I'm so sorry you're dealing with financial stress, it's so hard.

Here in California, they have a program through the EDD that pays about 60% of your pay fir maternity leave. You can use it to extend your leave or it can give you a few weeks of paid leave if you don't have any paid leave.

I'm not sure where you are, but if you have checked around, I would urge you to. Here it's through the EDD but it could be through another office in your area, if at all. Definitely call around or maybe even just a quick Internet search will turn up the right place to call.

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Glad appt went well. Sorry about the financial piece. I hear ya. I have been out on medical leave the majority of my pregnancy so my benefits (60% of my salary) will run out right before the twins are born. It is very stressful. I am doing my best to save up for that time, but as you said, things just "come up".

I hope that you get some relief soon.

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Congrats on a good appointment, it sounds good you being only up 13 so far! So are you getting him a halloween outfit or not? I'm due Nov 1st and am tempted but know I will probably not use it.
Sorry about your brakes issue, glad you're able to split it up and that he's given you a PG discount, lol. Surely the next couple weeks will go buy quickly and without any more $ troubles for you. Great work making yourself distracted and getting all that work done! Maybe I need a motivational crisis myself Wink

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Jen... im sorry that you had a yucky day with the car ... i feel the same way when we get ahead something always happens and brings us right back down... im happy you got to work on the room and hopefully that helped to bring your spirits up Smile

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I'm broke here too. Not only do I have major credit card bills, our renos are over budget and dh hasn't worked in five months.... Things will get better!!

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Oh Jen I'm so sorry you're feeling down. I know exactly what you mean by feeling like you get ahead for a minute and then any little bit of extra cash is gone by something stupid like your car! A few weeks ago I had a really decent paycheck (the first one in months) and wouldn't you know THAT PAY DAY DH's car wouldn't start. It was just the battery, but because he drives a Hemi Charger, the battery is weird and in the trunk and won't even start using jumper cables, so not only did his stupid "specialty battery" cost $200, I had to pay $60 to tow the stupid car to the repair shop! Every bit of extra from that check was gone in one morning. Ugghh, but what can you do? Getting the baby's room together sounds exciting, though! I hope things turn around for you (and me!) soon!

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Sad Big hugs Jenni!!!

How crappy about the car!!! I hope you can get your mind off the troubles with some nesting!

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UGH, I'm sorry about the finances. I wish you a windfall of $$$.

And gratz on another great appointment! Less than 50 days 'til your predicted delivery day!

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I too wish you some big $$$$ coming your way! Glad your appt went well!

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Thanks for all the support. All your kind words make me smile. :bigarmhug:

I wish Matt could fix the brakes himself but my stupid car is a Mercedes and has to be fixed in the shop since its so dang complicated. I do love my car. I feel like its a very safe, reliable vehicle. It only has 60k miles on it and had 25k when I bought it two years ago. But now Matt mentioned that maybe we could trade it for something else. The benefits are that we could get something cheaper to fix and I could possibly not have a car payment if I can get a good trade in value. This car will be paid for in 2 years though so I'm hesitant. The maintenance costs SUCK though and I do have a baby I have to provide for. Oh, did I mention my car payments are $380/month?! I only financed for 4 years so I coud pay it off quicker. I would love to save that $380 for baby expenses.

If we can keep afloat until I get my tax return everything will be ok. I just don't do well with financial stress. Thanks to you all for listening. Smile