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Dr appt x 2

Yesterday Carter and I both saw the doctor. He went to his pediatrician for jaundice follow up since he had it mildly in the hospital. Dr said he looked great and no need for bloodwork. We can put him in front of a window to help the rest of it resolve. At birth he was 7-10 and discharge was 7-3. At the visit he was 7-9. I had been keeping a log of all our feedings and diapers...formula, bfing, pumping, wet diapers, and dirty diapers. She was happy with his intake and output. His plastibell looked good and so did belly stump. Over all a good visit for him. He will get his newborn check up next week when he's 2 weeks old.

My appt was next. I was getting double checked for infection due to my pain problems. There was no sign of infection at all, which was a relief! She said I was still very swollen but healing and that my body was doing its job but very slowly. I was too swollen to check for an abscess so I have a follow up on Thursday. I got a refill on my lortab and to take it every 6 hours around the clock to keep the pain under control.

Carter was so good during our visits. We both had a nice nap afterward. I feel like I'm in this motherhood club with the most painful initiation ever! Haha. Each day it gets a little better and I absolutely love this little boy with all my heart!

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Great appointment for Carter! Well done on his weight and all Biggrin

I'm glad there's no sign of infection & you get follow up Thursday too. You guys deserved that nap after for sure! Glad you're feeling better little by little Smile

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Jenni, you are such a great Mommy! He is growing wonderfully!! I am so happy that everything is going well with the BF-ing- for me that was the most painful part of becoming a mom.

I am glad to hear that your tear isn't infected. Phew. I am sorry that it is taking it's time healing though. I hope that each they you feel a great improvement.

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the healing part is the pits. i remember thinking, "this can't be normal, this hurts so much!" but it was...it just takes soooo long to heal. keep up with the pain killers and the tucks pads. i found them to work kinda sorta.

carter is doing so well! almost to his birth weight already! how awesome are you, mama!!

i have to say - i'm totally impressed (and slightly jealous) and your amazing outlook. i had such a hard time with thomas when he was born. granted, he was super small, had colic, reflux and never slept...but still, i had a really hard time being positive. you are doing so great! glad you got a nice nap in too!

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Congrats on your good appts for the both of you! I know how you feel... my first birth was the hardest. The good news is that they get easier each time (at least that's been my experience!)!! I'm hoping this 4th baby will just slip right out lol!

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yay Carter!

as for your appt, i remember being swollen for some time with my 3rd degree tear. it will get better, it just takes awhile!

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Awww thanks, Nancy! I knew I'd be crazy about this baby but it was a shock to me at how much I do love him. I didn't think it was possible! I have my tough moments, like last night, where it gets hard and I cry right along with him. But my SO is wonderfully supportive and so is my mom and I think that really helps me be positive.