Dr.'s Appt today : )

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Dr.'s Appt today : )

Had a 12 week appt with my family doc Smile

Everything was fine. He checked my belly to see if he could feel my uterus yet, and couldn't, so that's a good sign that there's only 1 in there, despite the belly being so big! My U/S is on Friday, so hopefully that will confirm that there's no twinnies in there Biggrin Not that it would be the end of the world if it was, but I feel better with my doc saying he doubts it since my uterus is still out of touch!

Had to get a PAP. Yuck. LOL, the speculum really hates me. My cervix was 'hiding' from it, so he had to just do the PAP with his hand instead.

Can't wait for my U/S on Friday! My first peek at baby and my first time to hear/see the heartbeat!

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Hooray for a great appointment. Can't wait to hear of results on Friday Biggrin

They don't do Paps while you are pregnant in NZ, well I haven't come across it yet. I think they like to leave everything alone, lol.

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I haven't had a pap either...my OB said we would do one at my 6 week PP visit. Which suits me just fine. Biggrin

I'm glad you had a good appointment!

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We just got one done since I haven't had one since my 6 week PP after DS....in 2009. LOL. It was overdue.

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YAY for a great appt.I had a pap in December and my dr did another one when I went in for my first appt wanted to make sure it stayed current while I was pregnant. YUCK.

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I'm glad that the appointment went well. I am surprised that he didn't do the doppler. I really can't wait till your U/S on Friday- I want to know if you have 2 babies in there or not!

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I am glad the appt went well. My doc has not done a pap and has not mentioned it. I figured since I am up to date on it they will not do one...hmmm I should ask. Maybe we avoided it since I was so high risk for m/c. Good luck on the u/s - can't wait to hear all about it.

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No pap for me b/c I had one a couple months earlier. He did do a swab for STDs though. I could have refused it - not even a little concerned there. But whatever I didn't really care LOL

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I'm totally selfishly rooting for you to have twinsies...because twins are wonderful and every little girl dreams of having a twin sister who is her BEST friend.

and I'm very sorry about that pap :eek:

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