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I don't know if it's because I am always waking up to pee, but I always get a lot of dreams the first trimester. Last night I feel like I was dreaming all night but it was mostly stupid stuff, like I dreamed I was vacuuming up these giant crackers.

Anyone else getting weird dreams?

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Omg yes!!! I have had so many weird dreams...I had a dream that I started nursing my 2.5 yr old LOL.....so weird

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Me too. Must be the surging hormones. Didn't have any sexy dreams yet, just disturbing or pointless so far.

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Had A dream last night that we got kicked out of Disneyland for not having enough fun. Then we went to the movies.. and spent $25 on a tub of popcorn. And DH was cool with it, which is funny cuz he is one of the most thrifty people I know. LOL

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I can't really remember my dreams at the moment...but last night I dreamt everyone was pregnant around me...was a bit weird

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Yes count me in with the strange dreams. I hadn't been getting them the last couple of days, but last night I had a very strange one.

I was getting married but I hadn't organised anything for it and it was a disaster!