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Ever have those dreams were you wake up and feel exactly what you are feeling in the dream except 10 times worse Sad

Thats what happened to me last night. I woke up at 3:00 from having a stupid dream that Rob had been cheating on me for 3 months. In the dream my heart was broken and I was sick to my stomach. I woke up feeling a horrible emotional aching in my chest and like I was going to be sick. My stomach was so upset. I even cried. I could still cry if I thought about the dream enough. I told Rob about it this morning and cried some more and he said that would never happen and I have nothing to worry about but the dream just felt so real I just can't shake how I felt and still kinda feel. I know it has to do with the extra pregnancy emotions that I am feeling but I was up for over an hour last night cause of everything I was feeling Sad

I've only had that happen one other time and it sucks Sad Why can't I have a happy dream and wake up feeling that...

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Awww, man, that's terrible! I know how bad dreams can continue to haunt you, especially when they feel so real.

Thankfully my dream last night was about DH accidentally shaving off his moustache Wink

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Awww that sucks. Why can't our vividest pg dreams ever be about something fabulous? Hate those dreams >:P.

On a lighter note, my DH dreamed I stacked the dishwasher completely wrong - and has brought that up for the last 2 days, like he it still mad at me about it, lol.

A couple weeks ago (just postpartum) I woke up LAUGHING! DH thought I was crying, or in pain. I had 2 calm down to tell him. In the dream I asked him why on earth he was wearing two diapers... he replied "because i couldn't find any gloves". Then we both were giggling away at 4am, lol.

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I have had dreams that made me feel that way. It really sucks to wake up and feel so sad. I hope you have better dreams tonight!