Dry skin

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Dry skin

Em has super dry skin on his face. It used to be soft but for the past couple weeks his whole forehead has been rough and dry. I tried suing Aveeno Baby fragrance free lotion on it, but the next morning his whole forehead was covered in a red rash, so I think he must have been sensitive to it. I can't think of anything gentler to use! Any ideas? It's not cradle cap, it doesn't flake off, it's just so rough and bumpy, his forehead feels like sandpaper!

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I like the California Baby lotion but Rory (besides some flaky stuff on his scalp) isn't too dry.

SPring is coming...right?!

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I don't know any US/Can products. I was going to say, maybe it is some sort of sensitivity to something you ate? Eat anything different yesterday? My 2nd had super sensitive skin from day 1 and we have lots of RX stuff. But #3 gets rashy after I eat nuts.
I hope you find something.

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I've heard good things about Monkey Balm.

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Is Eucerin available in Canada? that seems to work for my sensitive skinned son. Smile I actually dislike Aveeno stuff, I used a sunblock once and ended up in bed with a migraine all afternoon. I called the company and got a refund for the $12 I spent.

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Coconut oil! The jar can seem like a huge investment, but I use it for cooking, moisturizing myself and sometimes just eating a spoonful. Haha. Laszlo has ridiculously dry skin - I oil him up every day. Plus, I've read that the fats in coconut oil are the most similar of anything in nature to breast milk, in terms of chemical structure (not super relevant, but I think it is cool!)

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I've also heard a lot of good stuff about coconut oil. I know mamas who use it on EVERYTHING!

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First (and I'm sure you do this anyway!) make sure that his bedding stays fresh, as with some babies even drool and such can affect their skin. Trystan has been having this same problem. My pedi told me not to wash with any soap on his face, just a wet washcloth. I also went and bought some Clinique Redness Solutions cream. It costs about $45 for the jar, but it's so worth the money and lasts for months. It has really helped with T's sensitive skin.

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Mmm I can imagine coconut oil smells delicious. I use Almond oil on Aubrey's skin and that keeps it nice and moist. I also find if I sneak dairy into my diet aubrey gets patches of dry skin.