DTD? Dare I ask?

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DTD? Dare I ask?

So on Thursday, DH and I are going on a mini vaca to a casino/resort for a night. I know for a fact that nice hotels makes DH horny! :leghump: LOL! I might be interested but I don't know... Wondering if I should wait til second trimester? If you don't mind me asking... is anyone DTD during first tri?

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We are...

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Yup, but Im extra tender down there so we arent being too adventurous.

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yep, we're doing it. as long as you're not having any issues like bleeding then you're good to go. my last pregnancy i had a subchorionic (?) hemorrhage so i was on pelvic rest for the first tri.

this time everything's looking a-ok so we've been DTD. i haven't really been in the mood but poor DH needs a little love here and there.

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We still do haven't for a little over a week due to being so nauseous in the evenings

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We did it twice in one night, last night. Making up for some lost time, I guess?

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TMI alert! Yes, we are but we're using condoms. The scent of semen makes me gag right now.

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oh, i forgot to say...have fun on your trip tamara!!!

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We are.Most of the pregnancy my sex drive is high and it seems to work out well for me.I havent had any problems so it is ok for me to have sex while pregnant.Most woman can have sex in first trimester.

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Have a great time on your trip! We have, mostly because I feel bad for him, but I do enjoy it. Due to his work schedule right now we only do it on the weekends. My drive's been real low lately. He usually gets it in once a weekend. But from what I hear DTD is fine so long as there is no bleeding or complications.

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I've been spotting so the Dr. Asked me to refrain until she sees me again on week 9. If you're not spotting, I don't see why you can't DTD. Have a great trip! Smile

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we are not...I am super paranoid and not in the mood!!!

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Here is my TMI question... does it feel, um, different for anyone? I'm more sensitive and DH says it feels different.

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Have fun, I am jealous, I could use some time away as well. I just asked my doctor about that today since my other half is begging for it. The doctor told me to try to stay away from DTD until later especially since I have had some bleeding afterwards. Again, have a great time!!

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I agree - if you are not having problems and want to go ahead!!! We are not - partly I am so sick but because of all of our m/c we are just over paranoid about anything going on down there. I told DH I will talk to my OB tomorrow and he said he is still scared - poor guy. Hopefully things will work out and we can get back on track. Have a fun trip!

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Thanks, Ladies!

I called my doc and asked if sex was okay. He said "perfectly okay"! Woo hoo!
So wonderful to not worry!