Due date predictions

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Due date predictions

Is there a certain date that you would like your LO to be born on? Im due on November 8th, but would be THRILLED to have an 11 11 2011 baby or a halloween baby! I dont want to have him or her on November 6th because its my Aunts birthday and I think everyone should have their own! And if I go over, I could give birth at the extreme latest the 23rd, but thats my birthday so \I dont want that either Wink

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My EDD is Nov 20th. However, my youngest nephew's b-day is on Nov 11th. So I think it would be cool for the baby to not only share a b-day with his or her cousin, but to be born on 11/11/11. DH pointed out to me that his late father's b-day was Nov. 21st.. so I also think that would be a nice tribute. Especially since we are probably naming the baby adter him.

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I will probably be induced.I was with the last 2 for problems with my blood pressure.If so it will be able a week before my due date so if I am given the choice like I was last 2 times I will choose Nov 11.It is perfect day for the 11-11-11 but also it is a Friday and my kids as well as DBF kids will be with their other parent and he has the whole weekend off work.

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i really like numbers so i was playing with the dates in my head. like, 11/11 would obvs be pretty cool. my due date is 11/25 but 11/22/11 would be cool - it's like a palindrome.

all i know is these kids never come out when they are supposed to! my guy was due on the 4th of july but came june 20th instead!

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11 is my favorite number! 11, 111, 1111... any amount of one's together is awsome! I live on 111th street, I'm always seeing 11:11 on the clock! So I would be thrilled to have an 11/11/11 baby!

I wonder how many of us will actually deliver on this day?

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I would love to get the 11-11-11 baby! My edd is the day before though and I usually go early.
I had a few chances for "cool" dates.
My son was due around 9 -9-99 but was born on 9-13-99. I did everything possible to "get him out" and it obviously didn't work. Wink
Gabby- was due around 07- 07- 07 and was born on 07-05-07
Maybe third time will be the charm?

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I'm due on Thanksgiving so I'd really like to be a couple days late or a couple days early so we get to enjoy Turkey Day with the fam! It would be very fun to be able to bring the newborn to my mom's house and it would mean my sister would get to meet the LO sooner. She lives a few hours away and has a CRAZY work schedule so if s/he's born after Thanksgiving my sis won't meet the baby until Christmas. I went 3 days late with Evan so I think a few days early this time would be lovely!