Easter Plans?

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Easter Plans?


What is everyone doing this Easter? Anything fun planned for the weekend? My children and I are making easter eggs and candy today (which is good because it is raining outside Smile ). Tomorrow we have an Easter Party at our church. Sunday it's going to be a great day with my parents celebrating at their house. I just hope to be able to enjoy the food without getting sick and hope to stay awake. My poor children have been dealing with an irritable mom this past week. Just a few more weeks before I am finished with this first trimester.

How is everyone else doing? I hope this is a great weekend for everyone!

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I feel for you being that tired and sick and being as busy as you. If it makes you feel better it was just over 11 weeks I felt 85% better. You are so close to being out of the yucky time!

We are heading out to my parents place today. We will have church today then stay there for the weekend. I made DS Big Brother tshirt that he will wear to tell my nieces. So excited. Although my bottom part of my tummy pouched out and I have no dress pants to wear - loving the pouch but wish I could wear better clothes to church. We will do an egg hunt on Sunday and just have a great family time. I love Easter.

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Nothing major we aren't religious so no church or church functions. Sunday night my cousin has the immediate family (her mom who is my aunt, my mom, my Uncle if he's in town) over for dinner. No one knows I'm preg and I have no real driving reason to tell them so I'll probably wait a few more weeks, get out of the first tri then let everyone know.

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we are going to my aunt's in jersey for easter. not bad, only about an hour away so no big traveling. i'm planning on tell the family about the new baby too. it's funny, we told them about my son on christmas eve and now we're going to tell them about this one at easter. they are going to start thinking i have something to say at every holiday! lol.

i don't know how to tell them. i'm really not into big announcements or doing anything cute to tell them. i like the the idea of doing a big brother t-shirt to announce it but not for me. weird, right? i think i might just tell one person and let their reaction just tell everyone else. either that or tell my 5 year old cousin lillie and tell her that she can tell everyone. that way everyone knows and i didn't have to say anything. i did that for thomas with my other cousin who was 6 at the time. it was cute. i just sat in one room and she ran off and told everyone. my dad is one of 10 children so there was alot of people to tell.

melody - would you mind sharing what kind of easter candy you made? maybe even a recipe? i need to start some fun familly traditions. i've been using the excuse that the little guy is still too young but soon enough he won't be!

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We make chocolate suckers type things in easter molds and wrapped in pretty foils to give to family as we arrive and visit. It's colored white chocolate and also milk, and it melts in these bags, and the kids squeeze it into the easter mold trays. We add the sticks, tap it down to smooth out the chocolate and put it in the fridge/freezer. Then after they are hard, we pop them out and "dress them up in foils". I will say though, that between the fridge and the foil, a ton of them "disappear". It's become tradition to do this with other family members, which usually means the house is bustling and candy is disappearing. Although I KNOW my husband has a big part to do with the disappearing suckers too Smile LOL.