Egg and complaints

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Egg and complaints

Does anyone else feel like they are already carrying around an Ostrich egg? In the past few days my uterus has popped over my jeans and is very round, although I do not think I have gained too much belly fat.
I feel my belly is in the way when I am sitting and I swear I do not remember feeling that way until 4-5 months last time.
Makes me wonder if I am carrying twins,lol!

And now I will whine, for the remainder... I am feeling extremely tired all day and sick and completely worthless too. While my SO is accomplishing many things, I am barely able to play with my daughter and I have been using the TV as baby sitter.:(
I am also feeling morose and depressed and also worried about how I can manage with two. My initial excitement has waned and I feel somewhat apathetic about having a baby-bah!
I have always compared the first tri to having a 3 month flu, I hope I will be more cheerful and energetic in a months or so.
Also wanted to add that some days it takes all my energy just to read and respond to a thread so sorry if I tend to pop in and out.

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I have times where I feel so huge and bloated its ridiculous....especially when in cramping its worse and I feel like I am going to start showing before I'm ready lol....

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When I walk around in the mornings I feel like there is something heavy in my uterus....I feel all overly stretched and bloated and by the end of the day I look 9 months already!
I can't see my hoohar anymore..I do understand that I have put on weight previously...but...LOL
And this is my first!!!! LOL
And its only tiny in there...obviously this rice cake is going to have expensive tastes and want to live in a mansion!!!!

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I have those moments too.I also feel huge at points and the other night I went to bed crying at 8 pm cause I felt like I was 6 months pregnant! The fear of taking on another child is something alot of first time moms deal with.Really it isnt that much harder to add one child to your home.You will find what works for your family and it will all work out.Try not to worry and just remember all the wonderful things about your first little one and look forward to those things with your new little one.

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I feel huge. I put on some early maternity khakis the other day that I wore until I was like 4 months with stephen, they are TOOO tight already! WTH I am bloated and I have been eating more since my nausea has been gone for a week almost. I also eat more when I am upset or stressed, which I have been to the extreme lately.