Emerson Blake

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Emerson Blake

Home from hospital with Emerson Blake G****
Nov 26, 2011
10:45 pm
9 lbs 12 oz
22 inches

Home alone with all 3 kids today so that's all for now!

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Oh he's just perfect Sandra!!! CONGRATS! And love the name!

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What a handsome boy! Way to go, mama! Smile So happy he's here!

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Thanks for dropping by with photos on such a busy day! Biggrin

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Beautiful name! I see you went with the E's? He looks so much like Ella, it's amazing!

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He's huge! Yet so adorably cute! Congrats again thanks for sharing some photos and good luck with all three.

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He is adorable Sandra! He looks so much like your kids! Congratulations!

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Sandra, he is absolutely goegeous. Love the name, it was on our shortlist if we had a boy too.

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He's so cute! Good job!

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Holy big boy! HE is so handsome. Congrats!

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Oh Sandra he's just perfect! Congrats again!!

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he is huge and precious!

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Congratulations Sandra! Love his name; how literary!

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Hello Handsome! Great name choice Biggrin

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so cute! and big! I like the name too, the last few weeks of pregnancy I had been considering Blake too.

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Beautiful pics...beautiful baby and beautiful name!!! Congrats again

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**Lurker** Congrats!!!! I love his name!!!! He is a cutie pie!!!!