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I finally decided to order something special for baby boy. Since we just had DS 2 1/2 years ago, we don't really need all that much, but I wanted to get him something new and special that would be HIS, and not a hand me down. A friend of mine has a cute Etsy shop, and she's going to make me a beautiful blanket for my Sweet Potato!

One side will be this organic cotton print:

And the other side will be chocolate brown minky. I'm getting it made 30x30 inches.

Here is the link to her shop, she has lots of cute things!

I probably have enough blankets left over from DS and DD, but I'm excited to have something new and special for my November boy!

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Cute stuff!!

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That is a really cute print. I love mink blankets. They are so soft.

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CUTE! Tfs Biggrin

Funny, I *almost* picked that exact print for the mei tai baby carrier I just ordered. Good taste, Sandra!

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Very cute!

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