Feeling better

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Feeling better

Well yesterday Rob had the day off and let me tell you I feel a lot better and here is why Smile

We went to pick up the double stroller, which cost us only 70 dollars. It's not the one I want but Rob told me to hold out hope that eventually we will get it. I mean I still want a double jogger so i can go on walks and stuff and have it easier to move around, but I am happy with the one I got. Oh and it came with a carseat and base Smile So now all we have to do is sell the sit and stand Smile

Second we went grocery shopping and that always makes me feel less stressed out. lol

Third HE DID THE DISHES!!! Without having me ask him to. I helped him dry but it literally made me incredibly happy. AND he got the boys ready for bed and brushed their teeth Smile We worked as a team and it made me feel very hopeful and less stressed out.

I know at times it is going to be tough having 2 kids so young and then 2 older kids but I have a feeling that it's not going to be as hard as I keep imagining and I certainly won't be doing it alone. I guess I just needed to see that from him in order to be less stressed about it.

Now all we really have to do is get a mini van and sell the car we have but I am sure it will happen eventually Smile

Time to go get ready to pick Joshua up from school Smile

Just thought I would share my happiness Smile

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I am glad you are feeling better. It is funny how some days the little things make such a big difference. I hope the rest of the PG is full of these little things for you!

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Isn't it the absolute best when DH helps out with the kids and/or around the house?! My DH has been helping a lot more than usual too, and it's awesome. I'm so glad you're feeling better Samantha!

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I'm so glad you feel supported! I hope it continues to ease your mind.