Feeling less stressed

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Feeling less stressed

We literally have done nothing to prepare for this baby coming, except pull all of DS's clothes out of storage. DH has been so busy and is pretty casual about getting things done.

Well, we finally had a good talk tonight about how we need to get started! I said, "Do you realize my due date is in 8 weeks????" and we got the ball rolling Wink I said, "I don't want to be setting up the crib when I'm 8.5 months pregnant!" (I'm the handyman in our relationship, I love putting things together and DH hates instructions, so I assemble everything in our house!) and he totally understood that. So he's agreed to help me with whatever I need done as long as I make a list and a timetable for when I want things done. Biggrin

Here's my list:

Get dresser and baby swing out of storage
Clean out and organize master bedroom (crib is going in here and we have to rearrange furniture)
Assemble crib
Buy new crib mattress (DS is using the old one on his toddler bed)
Organize baby clothes and put in dresser
Hang curtain rod and curtains (baby's crib has to go in front of a balcony door in our room. We don't use the balcony ever so I'm going to hang a curtain in front of the door so it just looks like a wall and keeps out drafts)
Sew new corner ties on crib bumper (all got ripped off when DS used it!)
Organize master bedroom closet and kids room closet
Move DD and DS's carseats to 3rd row, install baby seat in middle row
Clean up back yard and put away summer toys before winter comes! (We usually get snow by early October, even if it doesn't stay. But winter here starts in October and I don't want to be tripping over toys in the snow on my way to the vehicle while carrying an infant carseat!)

Phew, I think that is it, for now anyways. I don't want to have to do things like install carseats in the snow, so they need to get done! When it gets closer I also want to stock the freezer with meals, but I won't worry about that until mid October.

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Good for you! I know for me, just drafting that list felt like a huge accomplishment (not that I've really done anything off the list).

Are you aiming to be done by 34-36 weeks?

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I'm hoping by 36 weeks most of the prep will be done, and then I can focus on getting the house in order and cooking my freezer meals. But knowing me it will be a lot closer.....39 weeks? Wink LOL.

When I was expecting DD, we didn't even have the nursery furniture delivered until 10 days before her due date! Then I set everything up in a jiffy and was done with about 8 days to spare. I didn't install the carseat until the day before she was born though! (3 days before her due date)

So I'm used to working under pressure Biggrin

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I'm impressed by your organization nonetheless! I know everything will be a frantic last minute rush around here.

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I made a list to do my list today Smile I will feel so much better when I have it all written down and then start crossing it off. Luckily in the last couple weeks I think DH and I have gotten alot done...not just for the baby but in the house as well. Lets hope we all get these lists completely done with time to spare

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I made a to-do list.....NOTHING is done. And I'm starting to feel a little crunched on time!

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I'm glad you're feeling a little more organized and together! And I'm just like you, I put everything together and do all the painting and everything in our home lol! We bought our crib off of craigslist, so it didn't come with any instructions... so not only did I haul the pieces upstairs myself, I put the whole thing together as well with no help! He tried to come in and help and just kept trying to tell me ways I knew were wrong (it was a drop down front, so I was having some issues with the rails and screws) and I had to politely ask him to get out (lol) because he was just distracting me! I finally figured it all out, and it looks great!

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It's awsome you and DH are on the same page and are getting it together! We have the crib and clothes but we haven't gotten started either! I work two jobs and DH can't do what he used to because of his physical disability, so my 19-year-old is helping me with my nesting! We're also waiting til after the shower (Oct 22...I know I know..cutting it close!) to see what else we may need. It's been almost 10 years for me so it's like starting all over!