feeling like crud

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feeling like crud

The past few days have been bad for me...I am just nauseated horribly..if it eat I am sick if I don't eat I am sick...I feel like my food is.stuck in my throat...I am afraid to eat my prenatals because they will prob make me worse so I have been eating my DS gummy vitamins.. my stomach is in a turning state literally at all times...I am yet to find something to help... sorry I jus need to vent to someone besides DH because I can already hear the I told u so from him ...

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((HUGS)) I am right there with you right now.

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:bigarmhug: Hopefully it will pass in the next week or so , so you can enjoy your pregnancy Smile

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you poor thing. feel better sweetie! hopefully this will pass quickly!

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I hope you fell better soon!!!!

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My nausea has actually been a bit milder the last week , but the previous 2 weeks I was miserable, hopefully yours will abate soon!
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Feel better