Feeling upset..

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Feeling upset..

Sorry I haven't been posting that often. I usually read on my IPhone and replying on there is a pain.. Also I am usually out of the house from about 11:30 to 4:30 depending on the buses and all that fun stuff.

Pregnancy wise it's pretty boring, normal aches and pains I suppose. Plus the pelvic and hip pains are over the top so after a long day I tend to want to just sit and watch t.v and relax.. to bad my 10 month old and 4 and 5 year old don't agree with me. Sad

Anyways I don't know where else to vent this crap, but today I just found out that Robs son Stephen has been told by his mother that Robs mom is not Joshuas grandma and that she is only stephens grandma. I'm very upset. My parents consider stephen to be one of their grandchildren and Robs mom considers Joshua as one of her grandchildren. So to tell a small child this just makes me really upset. I am going to talk to Rob about this tonight because I really think it should be addressed and that those comments need to be kept to herself.

Stephen actually said something to Joshua this summer about how Robs mom wasn't Joshuas grandma and she was only stephens grandma. I think she was coming over that day and Joshua was telling stephen that Grandma was coming over and stephen then told him that she wasn't his grandma. Joshua came to me upset and told me what had been said but I didn't really think that stephens mother would say something like that to him or tell him that kind of stuff, but apparently I was wrong. Then today Robs mom is picking joshua up and she came to get stephen to go with her and when I told her that Grandma was coming to pick him up so they could pick Joshua up from school he informed me that his mom said that grandma was only his grandma and not Joshuas.

I corrected him and told him that no Robs mom is both of their grandmas but the idea is already in his head and to be honest I really think that because his mom said it to him he is more inclined to believe what she says over me.

It really makes me sad. I really hope that Rob can do something before he says more to Joshua and his feelings get really hurt Sad

Sorry it's so long.. I don't really have anyone to talk to about this right now and I needed to get this out.

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vent away...that is what we are here for!

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Aww that's sad they have to be like that. Blended families can be cruel. Wish you could have more open communication with them all. On other topics, I'm glad your pregnancy is being boring for you at the moment. Smile

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Wow, I hate it when other people feel the need to give their input to children. That would make me mad, too!! My kids' families are blended as well, and I sometimes have to deal with the same nonsense... take it worth a grain of salt!