Fight with a stranger

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Fight with a stranger

I am hopping mad!!!

I arrived in the kids area At mcdonalds with my three year old, my tray and Maya in her car seat. I put the car seat down and was standing two feet away helping my daughter with her boots when a stranger goes to take Maya out of her seat!!! I asked her what she was doing and she said I looked like I needed a hand. I said no thank you.

We sat down and started to eat when she asked me to turn the seat so she could see Maya. I said No I was happy how she was.

Melodie went off to play and I grabbed Maya to feed her. I was using my cover and again she said, don't use that everyone wants to see her.

I almost slapped her but instead got up and changed tables.


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People must be yearning for babies all over! I get the " can i peek at him" when I'm at a store or Dr's office... but to try to pick her out of a carseat or to tell you not to cover up- that crosses the creepy line for sure!

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I have to agree with Asha.I totally get the awww he is so cute and peeking in the carseat thing,but the trying to get her out and telling you not to cover while nursing is just weird.

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That is totally creepy! Ooh'ing, peeking, that's a little bold but whatever I've felt to urge to peek at newborns (I restrain it!) but trying to pick the baby up?! And the comments? Creep

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Be careful, moms...people (crazy women) DO abduct babies, especially newborns.

You totally did the right thing by moving away from her.

The audacity!

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That is major creepy! I would have changed tables, too.

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Wow! Creepy!

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Eeeek! total creepfest! What is wrong with some people?! I would have moved away too.

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That is creepy. I probably would have said something to her.
I've actually heard of moms using baby carriers (like slings and such) when they go in public to prevent people from touching baby.

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Creepy!! I had something similar, though nowhere near as creepy! happen to me recently.
At the grocery stored here, you have to bag your own food. The cashiers also have some sort of quota, because they literally throw your food past the scanner, some stores don't have a counter past the scanner, so if you aren't fast enough, your food ends up on the floor... that is another vent, I hate the grocery stores here... but anyway. So I am dealing #2 (who just turned 2 a few days ago) gathering the groceries being slung past me and then #3 starts crying fussing. I am trying to rock the stroller while gathering the groceries and telling #2 to stay put. Another cashier comes over and tries to take #3 out of the stroller! I would not have minded her helping me put the food away or the original cashier not throwing my stuff so fast (there weren't even people behind me in line!), but to pick up the baby!! I minded! Luckily my husband was right there (he had stepped away for a few minutes) and scooped the baby from the lady. Really?? what are these people thinking? Could she really think it makes more sense for a stranger to pick up a baby or put groceries away?