Finally packing my bag-have a question!

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Finally packing my bag-have a question!

Okay, so my goal for the morning is to pack my bag. I've got my stuff pretty well laid out. But how many outfits did you pack for baby???? I've got the cute "going home" outfit, a couple of those open bottom gowns, a pair of neutral sleepers (in case Miss Trinity turns out to be a Mr Sean!!), socks and a couple hats. Is that too much?? I can't remember back to ds. I was a zombie when I had him.

Now I have to go into the attic to find my suitcase. Dh would toss a fit if I used his suitcase which is FAR more easily accessible. He's fussy about things like that. Me, I'd be happy using a backpack!

Gah-I just remembered I have to pack a back for Jack for when he goes to his Aunt's house on Monday.

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I just leave my babes in the hospital gowns until the day we go home! I've packed 2 options for a going home outfit.

I like using the hospital gowns because you have easy access for diaper changes and I don't have to do the laundry!!! My hospital provides gowns, hats, and receiving blankets for the whole hospital stay. Then the day we go home, I put on the cutesy outfit Biggrin

Of course, we live across the street from the hospital, so if I needed something else, it could be gotten quickly. I say you've got a nice supply of options. It might be a bit much, but if you have room, better safe than sorry!

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I only packed one "coming home outfit" and one outfit for the hospital pictures. He stayed in the hospital shirt for the most part.

I love taking a suitcase, they give you all this paperwork, diapers, formula, etc... it's nice to have ample storage for everything!

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I'll probably bring 2 baby outfits but I think with Evan I just left him in the hospital garb until we packed up to leave. It was just easier. But I am also really close to the hospital so DH could grab me something easily if I changed my mind

I just started packing my bag, hoping maybe that will spur on Rory!

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same as everyone else here... I did bring my velcro swaddle blanket because it is easier for me than the hospital blankets.

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I forgot about the hospital outfits!! Smile
We live about half an hour away from the hospital, but I'll have dh coming daily, at least. But he's got no clue where anything is! He doesn't really care to know, and will just rifle thru drawers till he finds what he needs. At least he knows where our son's stuff is!

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Lol it sounds like you're taking him on a weeks trip to Hawaii!! I just pack one outfit for baby, as he'll just stay in the hospital shirt and blankets until they take his first pics (which is always done on the day we go home anyway), that's when I put him in his outfit.