First Belly picture

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First Belly picture

Well I finally did it, I took my first belly picture.. I hope this kid doesn't resent me or something.. With Joshua I started at 14 weeks and then did it every 2 weeks after that, then with Kay I started at 16 weeks, maybe 14 not sure and then every 2 weeks after that. I feel bad I really do, like I am neglecting this child before she even gets here... Blah.

Here I am at 28 weeks and 1 day.
Okay, here is one with Joshua and Kay and me... Joshua insisted that they both be in the picture. lol

then on of just the belly

Then one of my head as well. lol

Hope you all enjoyed my largeness. lol

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Great belly pics! I love the one with your kids!

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Love your belly and your kids are super cute! Smile

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Love seeing bump pics Smile

It is also nice to be able to put names to faces too.

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You are not large. You look awesome.

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You do look awesome! awww the kidos are lovin on their mamma Smile

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Joshua is super excited about this new baby, he actually said to me that he missed the baby and I was like who and he said, the baby in your belly. I just had to laugh.. he is too funny.

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largeness? you = crazy! you look beautiful! and the pic of the three of you is so sweet!!!

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Belly looks awesome...and I agree super cute kiddos!