First time mommy!

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First time mommy!

First time pregnancy and first time blogger and I had to write that reading over everyone's posts is encouraging to see I'm not the only one who's having a touch of the 9 month flu! But I heard it gets better in the second trimester so I'm on the 5 week countdown! Of course I heard about morning sickness and being tired but after seeing so many women work through the entire pregnancy I figured if they could do it so could I, but after the past 2 weeks I feel like taking my 1st trimester sabbatical and hiding away with my saltine crackers and flavored water! One day at a time, but finding this bulletin helps. Is it normal for women to workout during there first trimester? I am normally really active and very clean but I haven't been able to find the motivation or energy to even go on the treadmill or do dishes -please tell me this is normal or lazy? My Zumba instructor told me I should workout my entire pregnancy but really.....??

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Hi, Elizabeth! Welcome to our group. I'm also a FTM as well! As far as exercise goes, just do what you can. Don't get too hot or let your heart rate stay up for too long and stay hydrated. Your OB should be able to give you more specifics. Good luck!

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With working out, some people work out their whole pregnancy, some decide to stop at some point. They say it is ok to do most stuff that you had already been doing (like don't increase your workout, do the same or less). Your body won't be the same shape (literally not like fitness shape) so some things might be harder to do.
I personally try to stay away from certain stretches that I don't feel comfortable with or certain exercises that strain my stomach or nether regions type stuff, like squats.

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if you have already been exercising, then by all means keep doing it! sure, don't do it if you feel like puking or are too tired but exercise is both healthy for you and the baby!

i worked during my pregnancy with my son and i have to say, it was much easier than not working now! i was in finance (right during the massive fallout - yikes!) and although it was stressful, it was nice because i was basically just sitting or going to meetings all day. when i felt sick i could just go to the bathroom and when i was tired i could just hang at my desk or even close my office door and close my eyes (hehe don't tell my boss).

but now i'm home with a 21 month old toddler and even though i would love to sleep all day i can't. but don't worry, i usually save the dishes for when DH gets home Wink

congrats on your pregnancy!

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Congrats and welcome!!! As for the symptoms- listen to your body. If it's telling you to rest, then rest. If you get a burst of energy- use it! Acute

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Congrats and welcome.
nice to see another Elizabeth here. Biggrin

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"Lizbet22" wrote:

Congrats and welcome.
nice to see another Elizabeth here. Biggrin

my mn is Elizabeth and I get called Liz(ya know Liz/Lil and that my mn is Elizabeth) all the time by accident. My gm calls me Fizzy Liz!

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Congrats! You took the words right out of my mouth with your description of how you feel;)!
Every couple of days I have a 5-15 minute period of somewhat normal energy and I spend it doing yoga, abs or squats, depending on how I feel. It is better than nothing, anyway.

I also walk my dog, out of necessity,lol.

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Congrats! First time mommy here too! Nice to know there are a couple of us floating around here. Although, it's nice to get experienced mommies opinions too. Smile

I say if you have energy use it... and spread it around. LOL

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It IS harder to stay motivated! Im fighting the same battle Smile

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Welcome Elizabeth! I made myself go to Zumba last weekend, mainly because I am afraid of gaining too much weight again with this pregnancy, and I was definitely more tired than usual. I stayed for most of it but I took a lot of water breaks and left early. Just pay attention to your body and rest when you need to and you will be ok.