Food.... Ugh!

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Food.... Ugh!

After every time I eat something, a few minutes later I start feeling nauseous and like all of the food I just ate is just sitting in the back of my throat. And it just sits there.... ALL DAY. I feel like if I bend over it will all come pouring out... hahaha

Anyone else feel this way? Is it acid reflux? I didn't have this with my first pregnancy so this is new to me. And it's extremely annoying....and uncomfortable.

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I am sorry that it's so bad for you! My nausea isn't that bad, but I have had it like you do in my other pregnancies. It sucks so bad!
I don't really like first trimester at all!

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I'm lucky my m/s is tolerable. But I have been where you are.

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Thanks, gals. Smile I had my first prenatal appointment today and my doctor gave me a prescription for Reglan. I took some before eating dinner and it has made SUCH a big difference! Yay for safe medications!!