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I was just curious what formula that people are using. We have found that Nestle Good Start with the probiotics is what works best for Lily. We had to try a couple to find one that did not leave her gassy. I was really hoping a cheaper one woud have worked Smile

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We use Enfamil. I started him on Newborn but he was getting tummy aches and gas so I switched him to Gentlease and it works great...but it kinda stinks and makes his gas stink. But at least his tummy is better and he isn't fussing.

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We are using a little of the Earth's Best Organic right now. I like it! We mix it with donor breast milk.

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When Landon gets a bottle with formula it has been Enfamil newborn. All 3 of my other kids have had sucrose allergy and Similac has sucose so we have to use enfamil or store brand formulas. Once he is on formula full time we will be using store brand probably since the big can if it is $12 compared to $25 for enfamil. Melanie I got a coupon for $9.50 off of gerber formula the other day.Have you contacted them for coupons?

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Good start is all I ever used with my babies. I found that the other ones would constipate them or cause them to be gassy or a number of other things. I know what you mean about the cost of it though... I'm really hoping to be able to BF for the first year!