Four months!! (xp)

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Four months!! (xp)

Trystan is 4 months old today!! I can't believe that he's 1/3 of the way through his first year of life. He's gotten so big since the day that he was born and I know I'll turn around tomorrow and I'll be celebrating his first birthday. Plus, BF is still going strong!! Anyway, just thought I'd share!!

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Isn't it crazy how fast time is going????? Em will be 4 months on Sunday. This is nuts!!!!

Yahoo for BF! Us too!

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OMG i never thought of it as 1/3 before! Waaaaaaa :cry: . It is so fun seeing them grow & learn new things Smile except for growin out of all the clothes Sad. WTG Krystal & Trystan!

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awesome about how well bfing is going! I am a little sad about how fast this is going Sad