Friday is here!

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Friday is here!

So what are your plans for the weekend

Today I have my appt with Diabetes doc...probably the last one. Originally they told me that I would start seeing him every 1-3 weeks and more then likely once a week at the end. Well my sugars have been so good that I have not seen him for 5 weeks and he told me if all was good today it would be my last appt!!!! And things have been great!!! Tomorrow just cleaning and I was thinking of packing our hospital bags...or at least making a list of what is all needed. Sunday I leave for a board retreat for 2 days. DH is a little nervous it will be to much for me but I stay in a hotel, don`t have to clean or cook. So think I will do OK Smile I just hope I can sit in meetings all day. I plan to automatically put my feet up so I don`t swell. And to be honest if I get to tired and need a nap I will head up to my room and take a break. Then I will be back Monday night in time for my CP moms group dinner. It will be my last night with these ladies until I have the baby. It is crazy how many times I am saying last time before baby these days!

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Even though its for work, a weekend away in a hotel sounds heavenly!!!

I have no plans for this weekend. I would like to work on moving stuff and maybe even painting but the shelves arent in yet downstairs so there is no point of moving mess from point A to point B.

If its nice, I'll take my daughter to the park, and maybe the aquarium since we have a seasons pass.

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We'll be homebodies this weekend. DH has a half marathon tomorrow morning. The kids and I will probably see him off at the start line and meet him at the finish, with a trip to the park in between. The yard needs some clean up done before winter, so maybe we can tackle that in the afternoon.
I'd like to get the master bedroom cleaned up so that we can start moving furniture around and make room for the crib.
Also, SIL is finally supposed to drop off all her baby boy clothes, so I'm excited to go through them!

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Good luck at your appt today, and try to enjoy yourself on your little getaway!