Full term! & (appt)

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Full term! & (appt)

We have officially made it to full term! Yahoo I am so happy that we've made it this far.

Today was the NST. Carter did beautifully. He seems to be doing fine. As for me...well that is another story. My bp is still crazy high despite the bedrest. So I have another 24 hour urine to start in the morning and will turn it in along with more lab work on Thursday. Apparently I'm skating a fine line between pre-e and full blown e. Friday is next appt and u/s to check blood flow from me to him. If those results are bad then I will be induced that day. If things go well we will schedule my induction for next week. The date will likely be Tuesday, October 25 because my OB is on call that day and I really want her to deliver this baby.

I'm not thrilled about an induction but my baby needs his mama to be alive and well so that is that. I know it is going to hurt worse than going in labor on my own, from what I've heard. And there's the possibility of csection if my bp starts acting up during labor. I'll be updating via my birth buddy Sandra that day. This is my last week of being pregnant! OMG!

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Congrats on making it full term and that Carter is doing so good. Good job mama! I am happy that they are keeping such a close eye on you - pre-e can change so much so quickly. It is an unreal feeling to know that some of these November babies are coming so soon. Please keep us updated on all the test and everything. Take care.

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Glad to hear Carter is doing well, sad to hear you're not getting better Sad

Everything happens for a reason, and I wouldn't worry about the pain. If you've never had a natural birth you have nothing tocompare it with right? It's all a mental game and you are prepared and well rested so it will all be fine!

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Oh my gosh! I can't believe you have just a week left!

You've been in my thoughts- sorry about the blood pressure. You are in the final stretch!

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Crappy news about the induction Sad But at least you have made it full term! I know Carter will be a healthy boy! Biggrin

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what you said in your post is so right - carter needs a healthy mommy. so if that means being induced or even a c-section then so be it. sorry the blood pressure has been such an issue! but so glad it became an issue this late in the pregnancy! carter's going to be a nice big bouncing boy Smile

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Fantastic job Mamma of baking lil Carter to term!

Sorry to hear your bedrest efforts are not paying off for you, I hope the testing and all goes well Thursday so that you can have your OB deliver in a week's time. I don't know about induction being more difficult than going into labour on one's own clock.... every Mommy experience is different anyway. So try not to worry about the induction part, you never know you might start on your own anyway (my water broke at 5:30am the very morning I was supposed to call the hospital at 5:45am to book my timeslot for DD's induction). It sounds like you and Carter will be taken care of no matter what, and that's the important part. Rest up and soon you'll be holding Carter in your arms!

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Wow this is so exciting! I'm sure everything will go well, high BP or not! I can't believe we're gonna start having birth stories on this board!!