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We had turkey for dinner tonight. As I prepared it, I put one of those thermometers in that pops out when it's done. My dd3 looked at the cooked turkey and said, mommy your belly button popped out, does that mean the baby is done? You should unzipped and let her out!

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Very cute! If only birth were that easy. And feel free to mail those turkey leftovers Southwest Biggrin

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OMG - to cute!!! My belly button has not is pretty flat but I don`t think it will pop.

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So cute, I swear kids say the cutest things! My son Max asked me yesterday how the baby is going to come out (he's 6) and I debated for a minute on what to tell him. I figured honesty was the best way (not in graphic detail of course!) so I said, "mommys have babies two ways, they either have a little cut in their tummy and they pull the baby out, or it comes out down here," and I pointed to down there. He didn't seem to give either much thought... thank God lol! I don't want to lie, but I don't know!

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I told my dd that I would have to push the baby out of me. She asked if it was like pooping and I said sort of. She said, eww... I hope they give her a bath after!

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LOL so cute!