Funny :)

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Funny :)

My belly is so stretched that you can see ALL my veins.

DS saw them yesterday when I had my shirt pulled up as I relaxed on the couch. He said "Uh oh!" and went to grab a baby wipe. I had no idea what he was doing, but then he tried to rub my veins off! He thought there was marker drawn on my belly!


Goofy kids. Do your kids say or do anything funny with your belly?

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ha!!! that is funny. My belly looks like a road map.

DS just laughs b/c it is so big these days. He uses it as a pillow sometimes LOL

I have been having some really bad back pain the last few weeks so I ask him for help picking stuff up, etc. Sometimes when I ask him to do something now He says "my back hurts b/c of the baby" and won't do it. Sympathy pains?????

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LOL! That's funny!
My belly actually got written on with a pen by Sebastian yesterday as I was laying on the couch resting. Then I asked him to wipe it off with baby wipes so I don't look like I got a very cheap henna tattoo. Biggrin

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DD pats it sometimes, and says "baby brother"... it's pretty sweet.

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Jack will pat my belly and say "hi" to the baby (complete with a wave and a kiss).
The other night DH and I were sitting on the couch, and DH has a bit of a belly (he's working on losing it)...DH asked Jack where baby was, and he pointed to my belly and said "baby"...then he pointed to his dad's belly and said "baby". We giggled, but my dh felt a little badly...all I could say was that "I hope he doesn't just go up to random people with bellies, pointing and saying 'baby' now!"

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So cute!!

This summer my friend was explaining to her son that I had a baby in my belly. He tried to lift up my shirt to see it. I told him it was in my tummy. He looked at me all serious and asked if I swallowed the baby Smile

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Too cute! Kids are hilarious!

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LOL that is too cute