GD 2 hr test - wish me luck

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GD 2 hr test - wish me luck

Did the 2-hour phase two Gestational Diabetes test this morning. Ugh, cruel punishment. Please wish me luck, I will probably get the results tomorrow (Wednesday).

Dr told me one clinic was open at 7:30 and the other closer to my house at 8am. I am not a morning person and am ALWAYS starving in the morning, I had soooo been dreading this test due to the overnight fasting. I didn't go yesterday because I had to get back to work after a week away, but saw my Doctor in the afternoon for my monthly checkup. He expressed the urgency to go in today. He told me the 1 hour GD results showed 9.5 where 10 is automatic diagnosis of GD. Other than that it was a good appointment, my sugars yesterday were slightly high in US but fine with finger-prick, no protein. Doc said he is very happy with my weight gain. Baby was wriggling around during the doppler, Doc finally got heartbeat measured at 142bpm Biggrin

Last night, in hopes of preparing for 10 hours fasting and no breakfast I actually ate almonds and peanut butter at 9:30pm, lol. I don't really think that it helped.

Now I am going to indulge myself here and totally whine about it just to vent :).

So I chose to rush myself over to the 8am clinic today only to find the Doc was mistaken & they don't actually open until 8:30. Rather than wait (I really needed to keep myself busy to take my mind off breakfast and coffee anyway) I drove to the other clinic thinking I'd be done sooner, it's only 15 minutes away. However because of big lineup and slow processing, they finally got me in at 8:55 for needle #1 in left arm and the orange drink. One plus, it was the same large cup of drink as with the previous test (hang on, I thought it was supposed to be nearly double - did they screw up and give me too much last time?) anyway it tasted like the same sweetness. 1 boring hour later, thank heavens for my book, needle #2 she couldn't find a spot in my right arm so back in my left. Drag on drag on (sure wish I had taken the PS3) and I was finally done. Needle #3 the elder nurse found a spot in my right but owwww she really had to jab around. Was feeling those sore spots in both elbows for hours today. Now being 11am and with me totally jonesing for egg breakfast (nobody serving breakfast at the drivethrus at that hour) I drove back home and had a little cook-up. MMMMmm fried egg on toast with ham and cheese finally, then got to work just before noon. Yes, I was still hungry again 2 hours after that, lol.

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geez, that kinda sounds like an ordeal Sad Sorry that you had to drive around and wait to be seen while hungry.

Good luck and please let us know how the results look!

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That sounds about like my 3 hr test.MISERABLE! Lol I am glad you made it through though.
Don't feel bad about the hungry thing, after my 3rd try/day and final actual testing for the 3hr, I was like I don't care, if I have it, I already have it, I am so hungry I could eat a horse! My husband and I went to the closest resturant and I pigged out.... That restaurant was a Ryan's all you can eat. Food that normally I would never touch, but I was hungry and didn't care!

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Ugh, sounds like we all had bad experiences! I had to get all 3 blood draws from the same arm.

I think my drink was the same size too, but the first one had 50 grams (or whatever measurement it was) of glucose in it and the 2nd one had 75 grams. Just a bit more concentrated.

Good luck! I still haven't heard any results from my test over 2 weeks ago, so I'm hoping that's good news.

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Sorry it took so long, but yaaa on making your self the yummy breakfast Smile

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I'm so glad that's done with! Yuck!

How long did they say the rests take? I had mine on Friday but no news so I hope that means I'm ok!

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Woo hoo I'm clear!
:woohoo: :boogie: Yahoo

Thank you ladies for your support! :giveflower: (Good point Lil!)

Returned the Dr's call this afternoon - assuming they were telling me it was +GD and to schedule appointments - but they were confirming all was fine! Yay for good news! Bring on the icecream Smile

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Woo hoo!

My test was 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything. Maybe I should call and make sure my results were clear too!

ETA: Yippee! Looks like I passed mine too! I finally just braved a call to my Dr's office Smile No news was good news!

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I hate that stupid test. I had to do the normal one hour one with DD and then the 3 hour one because the first one came back abnormal... only for everything to be perfectly fine of course! I tried to opt out of it this time around and the OB's not having it! Oh well, I still have another month before I have to do mine... sorry you had to go through such a crappy ordeal... but glad you finally got some good food lol!