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I've got it. Headed to the education class in about ten minutes. Ah well. Can't say I am surprised because I haven't been able to deal with much as far as protiens go, and there's only so much cheese and peanut butter a girl can stomach. But I did my fasting sugar this morning and it was 78, so I am hopeful it can be controlled with diet. Gotta run, have a toddler to take to his nana's and then a class to get to by 9.

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good luck!!!!

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Good luck Anne!

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Sad Too bad. Good luck at the appt! At least you only have to deal with it for 2 months!

I'm worried my doc will have me start watching my sugars after we see how big baby is at my U/S next week.

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Sorry to hear that Anne! Good luck at your class though!

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How did the class go? If I can help pls let me know...I have been dealing with this since July.

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Hi everyone!
Class went well, but the other girl was late, which was annoying to me.
Anyhow, I am getting the hang of what I should and should not eat, but its hard, I used to just go to the fridge and grab something, now I have to THINK about what I should choose to eat. So far, its been 3 days and my sugars have been pretty good. DH is being really supportive of me, and even got me flowers tonight when he went grocery shopping. Smile

I do need ideas for meals. Toddler friendly meals.
OH--and does anyone know what the heck "protected carbs" are?? DH got me pasta that was recommended by the dietician (Dreamfields brand) and it has 23 g of carbs, but most of them are "protected"???? I am calling the dietician tomorrow afternoon, because we're having pasta and sauce for dinner tomorrow and I need to know!!!

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Have you tried lookin in your local bookstore (B&N, Books A Million) at their discount books? They always have cookbooks there and you can find diabetic cook books for pretty cheap, around $6. I have a little paperback diabetic cookbook lurking around somewhere. If I can find it I will be glad to mail it to you for free! I'll look when I get home (I'm working all night tonight, yuck).

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