Gender Scan

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Gender Scan

Today is the day Yahoo

I have my u/s scheduled for 11am and I will update once I have a chance Smile


Everything looked good, baby was really stubborn and wouldn't show us anything. The tech asked me to go to the loo and have a little dance and see if baby would move. Came back and baby is aGIRL

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woohoo! Finally, right?

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Can't wait to hear!!!

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Awsome! Can't wait for the news!

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Cool! I had mine today too!

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Congratulations on your little girl!!!

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Congratulations!!!! Whoo hoo! We are both on team pink!!!

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Congratulations again! She will be so sweet and adorable Smile

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Congrats on Team Pink! I hope to join you on Monday!!!

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Yayy!! congratulations on your daughter!!!

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Would love to have seen that dance! haha. Congratulations! Is that what you were hoping for?

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Yay!! So excited for you and your new little princess!!

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OMG fabulous news, I'm so thrilled for you! I see on your ticker "Aubrey" so guess you've got her name all picked out, how adorable, love it!

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congrats on baby girl!!!!!!!

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Congrats one the great ultrasound and the little GIRL!!! Your u/s sounded alot like mine...these sneaky little girls Smile Beautiful name!