Gestational Diabetes..

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Gestational Diabetes..

Just got off the phone with one of the nurses at my OB's office.. my glucose is testing a little high and I have to do a 3-hour test on Sunday. This means for the next 3 days I have to eat an extra startch with each meal. I can barely eat what I'm eating now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it was just a glitchy result. GRRRRR
Anyone else done this yet?

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you're the second mama who has to do the GTT in the first tri! i've never heard of this before. usually you do it at like 28 weeks or so. i hope you don't have GD and that the test is a breeze for you!!


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I am confused why are you eating extra starch? I was never given that instruction when i took mine. It seemslike they would want an accurate reading not one that could possibly be elevated due to extra starch in the diet? I have only had to fast 12 hrs before the test?

My first pregnancy I failed the one hour test at 13wks. So I had to do the 3 hr test, the first time I puked everywhere. I had to come back the next day and drink it again. I had to be at the hospital at 7 and didn't get to leave until noon! I had to do the same thing at 28 wks. I did the one hour, failed, did the 3 hr, puked, did the 3 hr again and it took 5 hrs. I hate those tests!

My drs now say if I am worried about it they can check my insulin levels throughout the day and if they are bad take the proper steps to try to correct it. But they don't suggest doing that nasty test.

Nancy IDK why they suggest it at 28 wks, but they say it is better caught earlier on, more likely to be able to regulate it. If you have it you have it the whole pregnancy, not just at the end. So if you have the warning signs, they tests you in the beginning (like family history or previous GD or regular diabetes).

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***lurker from October***

I am type 2 diabetic and I still have to do the GD tests at 28 weeks to check my med levels. That being said there is a diabetes board, the link is in my siggy. Not much activity but I have put up a bunch of threads with links to information.

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I did the Glucose test yesterday.
I had to fast from 10pm until I had finished the test.
It was only 2 hours though.
Wentin had blood taken, drank the drink, sat around wasn't allowed to drink or eat anything so it didn't dillute. went back and had more blood taken went off for an hour came back again more blood and off to Burger
Waiting on the results, should get them in a week. they will call if a problem..although my doc will call before and let me know either way I reckon.

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My best friend has had GB with each of her pregnancys so she is tested in the 1st trimester.I threw up bad witht he first one and after a few attempts was done and didnt do it. Last 2 times I was ok and was passed the 1 hour test.I think both of mine were at 28 weeks.

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I had GDB with 2 of my 3 pgs. We were able to control it with diet - no refined sugar and very limited natural sugars. I also had to take a pill (gliburide I think) and prick my finger 5 times a day (that was the hardest part). But overall it wasn't that bad and I was able to find plenty of things to eat.

Not sure about the starch diet part - I did not have to do that.

GL - I hope it all works out ok for you. But if you do have GDB just keep watch of your diet and follow your docs instructions and you'll be right as rain. HH9M!!

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Thanks guys! So I am looking at it this way.. if it does turn out I have GDB, at lesat I know I'll be eating healthy and that's good for the baby. I'm not fooling myself.. I know my eating habits aren't really stellar. :eek:

And I am willing to suffer for a few months for the baby to be ok. KWIM?

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What a great and positive way to look at it. I too have not heard of them checking in the first trimester. I hope you don't have it though. Good luck!

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Thanks Melanie! Trying to just stay upbeat and positive!

I always thought they checked later on.. but the large HMO Organization I belong to is pretty proactive on these things. I'm thinking maybe because diabetes runs in my family they are being extra cautious? Dunno....

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Hey Stacey

Was wondering how the testing went yesterday?
Have you found out anything yet?
Hope you're okay.

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Hey Liz -

Thanks for asking! Test seemed to go pretty well yesterday. That stuff is just really, really icky. LOL

I was able to go online and see my results yesterday and everything looked really good except the 2 hour blood draw. So we'll see what the OB has to say. How are you doing with it?

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When are you seeing the ob?

Seen the midwife and dietrician today.
My levels are still really high...2 more like this and I have to call and go back in and be put on meds or insulin...they think it will be insulin and sooner rather than later!
Loving my blood sugar gadget